Your Book is Calling Mastermind Terms and Conditions

Your mastermind program includes:

  • Orientation and  onboarding call
  • Group accountability pod (weekly meeting)
  • Mindset, accountability and goal setting weekly calls
  • Four ½ day virtual writing retreats
  • Weekly writing prompts
  • Live weekly Q & A with senior publishing staff
  • Slay writers’ block – evoke the muse  training sessions
  • Weekly open office hours
  • Four 6 hour implementation days
  • Complete vault of training including:
    • Author Central
    • Pitch and Agent
    • Pitch a Publisher
    • Marketing and Selling
    • Media Training
    • Build your Platform
    • Purpose of Your Book
    • Self Publishing Assessment
    • Other trainings added monthly
  • Curated Monthly Book Club
  • Community of Writers

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Throughout the next year you’ll get all the support and coaching you’ll need to write, publish, and sell your book; however we can’t guarantee your results. The results come from your actions, and implementation. We can coach you through being productive, taking inspired actions and pushing through procrastination, but we can’t pick up the pen for you and get your book written.

By committing to this program:

You agree the results are based upon your work, your actions and that the results you see are based upon your efforts alone.

You also understand that we don’t offer refunds. If you believe you are unable to continue for whatever reason, we will coach you through any self-sabotage, procrastination, or writers block. Only after coaching might we consider a temporary pause on your program.

If you agree, please continue!

We look forward to having you and can’t wait to read your book!

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