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Discover the Secrets to Finally Break Through Your Writer’s Block and Finish Your Book!

Led by author and publisher Michelle Vandepas

What you’ll learn:

  • Why YOU are the only person who can share the message burning inside of you and why knowing your purpose is essential to the writing process.
  • How you can start writing today- even if you don’t have anything to say (yet)
  • The newest powerful tools to help you with your writing you can use to help you get your writing started – even if you feel stuck or blocked.
  • Easy ways to transform what you may have already written into fresh material or the start of your manuscript!

Hi! I’m Michelle Vandepas, co-founder of GracePoint publishing. I’m also a best-selling author and one of the world’s top book coaches and business coaches. I’ve helped thousands of authors take their ideas and turn them into books – even million dollar businesses!

If you have a message inside of you – a book that’s longing to be born – now is the best time to get your book done. But to find a consistent and excuse-proof way to get your book written requires some surprising things that most people don’t ever talk about. If you’re struggling to get organized, craft an outline, and streamline what you write AND you’re looking for specific strategies to get your writing practice organized so that you can be consistent and productive no matter what’s going on in your life, join me for my upcoming webinar  – Get your manuscript done!

I look forward to helping you commit to your book and get started with sharing your message with the world.


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