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The complete and inclusive publishing package. Editing, beta readers, reviews, stunning covers, beautiful layout and design. And  don’t forget our bestselling launches!

We’ve seen it time and time again.

Your book and your message deserve attention to detail and a carefully customized publishing process that supports your success and honors your call to write. We are here to teach you to write, publish, and become a best-selling author

You need the right feedback on your manuscript so you have the best messaging available.

Editing yourself isn't an option! You must have a professional editor that understands your voice, and is willing to give you the feedback that uplevels and polishes your book

You deserve access to expert strategists. At all stages of the process, you have a team to provide you with answers to all your questions. Consider this your own personal virtual advisory board of experts.

We research what is selling, and how to sell based on genres, market changes and your specific style. Let us setup a personalized plan for you

 We’re About To Help You Turn it All Around

Meet Our Publisher

 Michelle Vandepas is the bestselling author of five books, author coach to Brain Tracy and Jack Canfield clients, TEDx speaker, and has helped publish over 1,000 books in the last two decades. As an entrepreneur Michelle combines her book knowledge with marketing and business sense to create a book that will sell!

The Rest of The Team

Here’s What Our Team Brings: Award-winning senior editors with decades of experience, Best-selling authors who understand the market, Marketing expertise to increase readership and exposure, A long list of published books featured in major publications, A sought-after publishing company who turns down a lot of manuscripts (don’t let that happen to you!)

Tascha Yoder


Tascha Yoder brings her MBA and a wealth of experience to GracePoint Publishing. As Program Advisor, she helps authors understand what they’re getting themselves into (in a positive way) as they consider working with us.

Mark Packard

Director, Number Three Productions

Mark is a musician, a producer, a creator, and a thought leader who applies the lens of economic theory to emerging digital media markets. His diverse background of mathematics, economics, audio production, music composition, dance performance, and a passion for mental health awareness helps him bring a unique perspective to the world of sound

Carly Fahey-Dima

Communication & Culture Manager

Carly is a lifelong lover of words, writing, and storytelling. Having graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Sociology, Carly fell in love with combining her passion for writing with her love for understanding people

Laurie Miller Knight

In-House Senior Editor

As In-House Senior Editor, Laurie brings decades of academia to the team. She provides writers with the professional editing they need while wrangling in any stray punctuation. Her freelance editing work includes best-sellers, memoirs, and children’s books, as well as other publications

Lexi Mohney


Lexi is an author coach and editor specializing in developmental editing. As an author herself, she understands the ins and outs of creating a book and building the courage to cross the publishing finish line. She is responsible for helping authors fill in the blanks to crafting their best stories and uncovering real narrative messages in the literature.

Amy Delcambre

Developmental Editor

Amy is a writer and editor who specializes in creative nonfiction and memoir genres. She has an extensive and diverse background ghostwriting for multiple publications and digital platforms. Amy has an MA in creative writing and an MPS in publishing. 

Clementine Kornder

Assistant Publisher

Clementine is an adventurer, artist, and entrepreneur. She runs her online business, Clemstarz, where she is able to bring her abstract artwork into everyday life with a collection of stylish products. When she is not on a journey, making artwork, or attending to business, she likes to sip coffee at a cafe and people watch wherever her adventures take her.

Kristina Edstrom

Graphic Designer

Kristina is a graphic designer with a passion for every pixel. She brings her experience, intuition, and detail into every project for the authors and team at GracePoint. Her greatest joy is being a part of the process of helping an author’s dream of writing and publishing a book come true. 

Sarah Philabaum


Sarah is a bookkeeper with over 15 years of working with small businesses. She specializes in knowing the numbers. She is responsible for keeping the finances running smoothly and oversees internal accounting. She loves hiking, lounging at the pool, chocolate chip cookies, and puzzles.

Ariel Austill

Office Assistant & Interior Designer

Ariel has been reading and writing ever since she learned how. Graduating with a bachelor’s in the business side of English, Ariel continues to learn and grow here at GracePoint! She works along with our team on the interior design of our author’s books. 

Sonja Dewing

Ad Manager

Sonja Dewing is a best-selling author, social media influencer, and a whiz at Amazon ads. She’s our ad expert and works out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Not ready for publishing? These are the three Tracks

I have an idea, or notes or some things written.

You’ll meet with your personalized book coach, work through all your ideas, and pull together a manuscript. We’d recommend coming to writing prompts and retreats, mindset coaching calls, hanging with your accountability coach and coming to book club. If that is more than you can do, no problem, connect with your coach and write!

I’m on my way to a full manuscript.

You’ll work with your personal editor back and forth to polish the book, jump on brainstorming and strategy calls to decide on the publishing model that is right for you and your book, finalize your book cover ideas, and start thinking about author promotions.

I’m publishing or just getting ready to publish

It’s time to get serious! Even if you work with a publisher, you’ll need to setup book signings (in person or virtually), podcast interviews, and build your email list. If you want we can even coach you on speaking, media interviews and ongoing PR!


We have the exact strategy you need Build your brand position, market authority, and visibility online.
Stand out & remain the market leader and become the only choice in the mind of your ideal client.

Having published with other publishing houses, I am happy to acknowledge GracePoint as superb, client-centered, knowledgeable, and willing to help authors at EVERY stage of writing and publication. They are top-drawer!

Joann Levitt

Best-selling author of four books, including Channeling the Sacred

I have had the opportunity to work with GracePoint Publishing and am thrilled with the professionalism, follow-through and integrity of all involved. If you are looking to publish a book, I highly recommend you use them. They will create a product you are proud to share and will help you get the message out to the masses. I will be doing more work with them on future projects

Deanna Hanson

Founder of Block Therapy, best-selling author of three books including Unblock Your Body

You have a way of teaching that feels very approachable and open. Clients can feel comfortable knowing that what they share with you will stay with you unless they give permission to share. You come from a safe and non-judgmental place.”

Judy Helm Wright

Bestselling author of over 20 books

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