“I just opened up another email from a dear acquaintance who read my book, “I loved your book! I was so hooked that I think I finished it in 4 days…Wow a human being can take so much and you could still let your essence shine, that is simply stunning.” She got it!! was the message my soul said to me when I read her beautiful words about how Dear Radiant One made her feel and what shifted within her. I have been so blessed to receive messages like this from so many people these last few months. Messages from my gramma’s friends, women in their 80’s, who are now having heartfelt conversations about their childhood trauma and relationships with their parents they were never able to express before. Calls from my men that I have worked with or have known socially, telling me they felt seen in their own unprocessed emotions they carried as being an imperfect son, father, and/or partner. Women in their 20’s who are feeling lost and not sure what to do with this new chapter, feeling anchored in knowing others have been there too and they will make it through this period of their life. This is the gift. Somehow, when I lived the stories of my life and wrote them in a very intentional way, it truly has become our story.

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