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JoAnn Levitt
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Agalia Baker
It was Michelle who introduced the idea of an online launch, what would need to be done to make the book a “best seller” in Amazon and gave support and guidance. In other words, in this day and age, I’m not sure seeking a traditional publisher makes sense, so the effort that would be needed to find a traditional publisher would be better spent, most likely, in connecting with a small nimble publishing company that can help you with all elements of the publishing, including the marketing elements that will be needed, such as GracePoint Publishing.

Tanya Denckla Cobb
With some laser coaching and tweaking from Michelle, I was able to greatly improve the ranking of my Amazon book from being in the thousands to double digits in just a few days!! Michelle provided feedback on the cover, copy formatting and all the book and author details that Amazon has available to help to get books to best seller status. You can see the evolution of my mini-book in the discussion here. This book for me was a bit of an experiment to learn the Amazon process as well as create a cool handout/giveaway for my coaching business; I first published it in 2015, but the cool thing is you can always update, refresh and relaunch your book on Amazon relatively easily. The first version took me just two days to write and submit for publishing! Literally, over a weekend, I had “author” status – how cool is that??
tina ruznak
Tina Ruznak
For years, people told me I should write a book, but it wasn’t until I got Brian Tracy’s “How To Write A Book and Become a Published Author” that I got started and began to believe I could do it. Add to that, getting connected to GracePoint Publishing. Their experienced team of writing coaches and editors guided and encouraged me all along the way. I have now written my first book. Because of this incredible support, I believe I will reach all of my goals of taking my business to the next level . I couldn’t have done it without either of them. This is a winning combination and a great investment. I encourage anyone who wants to write a book to take advantage of this team. It’s well worth it!
Liz Brunner
CEO and Founder
The best thing about working with Michelle was her dedication to her clients, her amazing staff, she follow through with what she tells you she will do, she’s on time, keeps you focused, you feel she wants you to succeed, she is more than a “coach”, she takes pride in your growth. I was reluctant to work with Michelle I did not want to spend more monies on coaching and not getting the results I had hoped for. The results I got from working with Michelle were my book hit #3 on Amazon, radio interviews, amazing web page, great video’s, knowledge in SEO and other marketing issues I did not know anything about before. I’d recommend Michelle for anyone wanting to grow their business.
anita telle
Anita Telle

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