Submit Your Manuscript for an Evaluation by a Professional Editor.

Find out exactly what your book needs to become a success before moving into editing or the next steps.

Writing a nonfiction book is a monumental achievement, but ensuring its success requires more than just great ideas. A professional manuscript review is the key to transforming your draft into a polished, compelling, and market-ready book.

  • Obtain valuable insights from an experienced publisher and coach.
  • Receive customized feedback to meet your specific goals and needs.
  • Improve your manuscript’s quality and increase its chances of success.
  • Gain an unbiased, professional opinion on your manuscript.
  • Identify potential blind spots that you might overlook.
  • Learn effective writing techniques and industry standards from experienced professionals.
  • Receive valuable feedback that can improve your writing skills.
  • Accelerate the path to publication with a clearer, more polished manuscript.
  • Strengthen your reputation as a serious author.
  • Improve the quality of your work, increasing its credibility with readers and publishers.

Investing in a manuscript review goes beyond correcting mistakes; it’s about elevating your work to its highest potential.

Let us help you refine your nonfiction book to ensure it resonates with readers, stands out in the market, and achieves the success it deserves.

Our comprehensive approach includes reading the entire manuscript and providing detailed notes, thorough evaluations, and actionable feedback to strengthen, tweak, and polish your work before you move to the editing phase or your next steps.

Writing can be incredibly frustrating.

Am I on the right track? Is my writing any good? What if no one reads my book? Lets put that chatter to rest and give you the exact steps to make your book great!

What happens next?

  • Pay for your review slot.
  • Submit Your Manuscript for the initial assessment.
  • Receive Feedback: Get detailed feedback and actionable suggestions.
  • Revise and Improve: Implement the recommended changes to strengthen your manuscript.
  • Consult and Plan: Schedule a follow-up consultation to discuss your revisions and next steps.

How does this save me money?

Time and time again, we collaborate with writers and first-time authors who have brilliant ideas and substantial content. Often, just a few key tweaks can transform their manuscripts from good to exceptional. Let us help you make those crucial adjustments and elevate your writing before you pay for further editing.

Will you just read my book for free?

We'd love to, but our team consists of trained editors and book marketers, so we naturally provide feedback as we read. And honestly, you deserve professional insights from our best editors, so we charge a minimal fee for our service.

Years of Experience in Your Industry

Our co-founder and CEO has been working with authors and publishing for twenty six years, and our business has been around since 2014! We know what makes a stellar book.

Remember to be Brave!

Sending off your manuscript is a scary prospect. Will they like it? Will I be judged? What if it sucks? We understand. We are writers too. We treat every author with love and respect for you and your words.

Manuscript Evaluation and Review*

$995.00 Includes a full read with notes and suggestions

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*This service is suggested for books of 40,000 to 55,000 words. GracePoint Publishing does not accept manuscripts that have not undergone this or an editing process first. If this isn't your next step, please get in touch with us for editing and publishing options.