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You’re a business owner with a great system or process and you want to build your platform, increase your visibility, and grow your credibility and get more clients.

You have an inspiring message, a teaching, or a life lesson you want to share. 

You know you’ve got more to say or share – a bigger purpose – that fills you with a sense of urgency. You know it’s time.

You’ve been called to write your book, to speak, and to teach.


We know what stops you. Like most authors, you likely feel self-doubt, overwhelm, or lack of direction. Maybe you think you can’t write, or you worry no one wants to read your words. You may even feel like you have too many ideas, you can’t seem to zero-in on what your book should say, or the opposite: writers’ block. These are just a few of the things that make good writers like you procrastinate. 

We know this because we are writers.


It’s time for you to release the message that has been trapped inside, but to do that, you need support, accountability, experienced guidance, a clear path, and a team of professionals to help you every step of the way. We work with you to breathe life into your manuscript no matter where you are in the process. Together, we will get your book written, polished, published, and placed in the hands of a world of book-lovers who need to hear your message.

The thing that I am clear on is that there is something I am created to do that no one else in the world was created to do and which I truly remember when I’m working with Michelle. She is the portal for me to do that. When you work with Michelle you have a partner in completing what your life’s work is. Her insights were some of the most helpful I’ve experienced. And, they helped me eliminate loads of things that were wasting time – which is priceless. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Lindsay Wilson

High-performance coach and Mindvalley trainer

GracePoint Publishing mentors and supports new, emerging, and experienced writers who are seeking greater reach for spreading their message and uplifting humanity as well as the planet.

Karen and Michelle lead the way, backed by our client-focused team of experts.

Together, they will help you every step of the way. Each of the team offers a unique perspective rooted in experience. We have best-selling authors, award-winning editors, marketing experts, world-renowned speakers, TEDx thought leaders, and world-class accountability coaches with decades of experience combined and will help you heed the call to write.

Most online courses and trainings are designed as self-paced, “do-it-yourself” work that leave you figuring out such things as technological issues, finding a writing coach/editor/graphic designer, researching how to publish, and learning what the process is for actual publishing:  So many questions. How do you evaluate which companies are reputable? How do you market your book? How do you get your book on Amazon? How do you get your book into brick-and-mortar stores? What’s the process for getting an agent? Submission? How much control will you have over what is done with your manuscript?

You KNOW your words are valuable and important for the evolution of humanity, but how do you get then written, polished and into readers’ hands?

We’ve seen it time and time again.

Your book and your message deserve attention to detail and a carefully-customized publishing process that supports your success and honors your call to write. We are here to teach you to write, publish, and become a best-selling author

You need the right go-to writing strategy that is both simple and doable, so you can more easily step into your role as author and get the book written.

Stop wasting your energy on disjointed tactics, old-school styles, and online “canned” courses.

You need a specific plan.

While it’s all words on paper, you will never get there without direction. We created “Your Book is Calling” to give you the big push and follow through you need. Writing prompts, outlines, goals and purpose of your book, are all tailored to help you with a clear and defined strategy to get you where you want to be.

Alongside writing activities, we teach, inform, and brainstorm with you, about how to best publish and then sell, your book with, and without a publisher.

You deserve access to expert strategists. At all stages of the writing process, you’ll have a team to provide you with answers to all your questions on writing, editing, branding, marketing, and sales strategies.

Consider us your own personal advisory board of experts behind every word. Bobbie Brooks


You deserve full support as well as accountability on your writing journey.

When you need guidance, motivation, support, and direction, we are there.

 When you need that final push to publish, we are also there.

 We will always hold you to the highest industry-standards as we walk with you to the finish line. 


Here at GracePoint Publishing, we believe that we are standing on the cusp of a Creative Revolution that will prove to be as vital to our understanding of how the world works as the Scientific Revolution was hundreds of years ago.

We believe that to evolve the world, we must live in the energy of inspiration and possibility thinking. We model and teach you how to harness your innate creative power that helps you stay connected to that Divine Spark that takes your breath away and elegantly delivers the solutions to the challenges facing a rapidly evolving world.

We define creativity as the ability to transform an inspiration into a manifested idea. This includes not only artistic creations that lift people up and inspire them, but also the manifestation of ideas that promise to change the world we live in and usher in an era of just, equitable, sustainable peace.

We support writers, speakers, spiritual teachers, thought leaders, cultural creatives, global change agents, artists, and scientists in sharing their ideas with the world. We always have our ear to the ground and our sights set on the fastest, most effective way to deliver inspiration so that your voice is immediately relevant to the current cultural dialogue. We keep your contribution on the leading edge of change so that you get to do what you are meant to do with your life.

Our passion is amplifying your voice and delivering your products to the world. We are a collaborative nexus, a portal that shares the art and science of maximizing creative power, a gateway to deep alignment and fulfillment of the potential of humanity, a home for inspired thinkers and a source for inspiration the keeps us all aligned with a future that is worthy of the Heart of Who We Are.



Karen Curry Parker

Karen Curry Parker

Best-selling author of seventeen books, superstar coach, TEDx speaker, and award-winning podcaster, you'll love having Karen on your team. With all her personal writing experience with large and small publishing houses (and self-publishing) Karen has all the knowledge needed to guide your and your book to best-selling status.

michelle vandepas

Michelle Vandepas

Best-selling author of three books, author coach to Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield clients, TEDx speaker, Michelle has helped publish over 1,000 books in the last two decades. As an entrepreneur, Michelle combines her book knowledge with marketing and business sense to create a book that will sell!

Here's what our team brings:

  • Award-winning senior editors with decades of experience
  • Best-selling authors who understand the market
  • Marketing expertise to increase readership and exposure
  • A long list of published books featured in major publications
  • A sought-after publishing company who turns down a lot of manuscripts (don’t let that happen to you!)

There are tens of thousands of people out there who need your book.

However, the one thing that crushes writers is lack of direction, knowledge, appropriate information, and professional mentoring and editing.

You need a successful all-in-one program staffed by professional, knowledgeable team members to show you how to write, publish, and sell a book you’re proud of.


Then, you can leverage the book for visibility and credibility.

The “Your Book is Calling” program, will guide you on developing your outline, staying in creative mode, digging deep to slay self-doubt and writing demons, and finally, accomplishing your dream of writing a best-selling book.

Please, don’t let your book die inside you.

writing course image


You’ve seen what we mean: cheap cover, poor editing, great idea, good writing but lacking a real “punch”…
Even if you decide to self-publish, we guarantee your book will be polished and professional.


You have a way of teaching that feels very approachable and open. Clients can feel comfortable knowing that what they share with you will stay with you unless they give permission to share. You come from a safe and non-judgmental place.

Judy Helm Wright

Bestselling author of over 20 books

I have had the opportunity to work with GracePoint Publishing and am thrilled with the professionalism, follow-through, and integrity of all involved. If you are looking to publish a book, I highly recommend you use them. They will create a product you are proud to share and will help you get the message out to the masses. I will be doing more work with them on future projects.

Deanna Hanson

Founder of Block Therapy, best-selling author of three books including Unblock Your Body

Jo Ann Levitt

Having published with other publishing houses, I am happy to acknowledge GracePoint as superb, client-centered, knowledgeable, and willing to help authors at EVERY stage of writing and publication. They are top-drawer!

Joann Levitt

Best-selling author of four books, including Channeling the Sacred

The ultimate, all-in-one writing, publishing, and marketing your book program

Designed to take you from idea to published book — FAST (and Excellent)

When you have a team of strategic advisors, you’ll be able to …

Do you have an idea, notes, maybe an outline?

Do you have words, some chapters, and on the way to a first draft?

Do you have a first draft and ready for editing, publishing and selling?

Wherever you are in your journey, we'll get you to the next step. During your orientation onboarding call we'll help you fast-track your plan and get your personalized blueprint in motion!


We have the exact strategy you need

Build your brand position, market authority, and visibility online. Stand out & remain the market leader and become the only choice in the mind of your ideal client.

What it looks like to be bestselling

I recommend GracePoint Publishing with the highest enthusiasm and without reservation. For years, I thought about publishing a book, but a book was daunting. I could never get over the hump. Finally, I saw a notice from GracePoint  so I took the plunge and began the process of birthing my book, Seeds of Devotion. I got a publishing coach, and then an editor, and I was supported and encouraged every step of the way. Maybe you are wondering if you could, or maybe should, write a book. All of the team at GracePoint—Michelle, Karen, Gracie, and the others—will guide you with professionalism, grace, and kindness. They are really good at what they do. Take the plunge as I did. You won’t regret it. Thanks to GracePoint for pushing me!

Roger Butts

Bestselling Author - Seeds of Devotion


"Your Book is Calling"

  • Personal Welcome Orientation

  • Personal Book Coach

  • Personal Editor

  • Weekly Open Office Q & A's

  • Virtual Writing Retreats

  • Implementation Days

  • Weekly Mindset calls

  • Accountability Pod

  • Curated Book Club

Also Included
  • Best-selling Author Training

  • Author Central Training

  • Media and Marketing Course

  • Author Meetups (virtual)

  • Strategy to Monetize From Your Book

  • Monthly Training

  • Publishing Contract

  • Your Book Available Through Traditional Distribution Channels

  • Inclusion in The GracePoint Publishing Website

  • Online Bookstore

  • Podcast and Catalog

Hit the ground running with speed and focus by using our fast-track live calls and training. You’ll feel on fire with a 30-day plan to see results fast.


Laurie Miller Knight


As In-House Senior Editor, Laurie brings decades of academia to the team. She provides writers with the professional editing they need while wrangling in any stray punctuation. Her freelance editing work includes best-sellers, memoirs, and children’s books, as well as other publications. Laurie has worked in behavioral health, mental wellness, nonprofit spaces, and has led workshops in various healing fields. Laurie enjoys hiking the beautiful Rockies with friends, family, and her dog Gumbo.

Gracie Packard

Community Culture and Inclusion Manager

Gracie Packard is an expert people person and a lover of words. She published her first book in her teens and gave her first TEDx talk on suicide prevention when she was only 18. As the Client Care Coordinator at GracePoint Publishing, Gracie combines her passion for people and stories by supporting authors through every step of the publishing process. If she’s not working or studying for her Psychology degree, you can find her writing her next book with her literary cats Scout and Atticus.

Roger Butts

GraceLight Press

Roger Butts is ordained in the Unitarian Universalist tradition and is a long-time member of the UU Christian Fellowship and the International Thomas Merton Society. He currently serves as a Staff Chaplain at Penrose St. Francis Health Services in Colorado Springs and has a deep commitment to centering prayer. He is married to Marta Fioriti, a minister in the United Church of Christ, has three teenagers, and a black lab. Roger has never met a Dad joke he didn’t like telling.

Mark Packard

Systems and Audio Manager

Mark Packard’s love of music started as a child and continues to this very day. He has released three independent albums and continues working on his passion with a brand-new podcast. Mark has a BS in Mathematics and a BA in Economics with a Minor in Dance. Mental health, wellness, and awareness are his biggest motivation in the work he does with GracePoint Publishing. Occasionally, he will put his ballet shoes on to do some Barre work with his son.

Sheryl Babin

Publishing Manager - Book MArketing Guru

Sheryl is a USA Today Bestselling author who brings years of publishing experience to GracePoint. She is also a decorated military veteran who held several positions of authority to include managing on-the-job training and professional military education for over 2,000 troops, handling human resource issues for active duty and civil service personnel, and recruiting, after graduating at the top of her class. Sheryl holds an MA degree in Criminal Justice, a BA in English, and is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing at Emerson College in Boston. She is an unapologetic geek and such a bookworm that she’ll use a day of vacation if one of her favorite authors releases a new book.

Shauna Hardy

Book Coach, Developmental Editor, Storyteller

Shauna Hardy’s love affair with words began at a young age and never slowed down. After graduating with a BA in English Literature and a Master’s in Journalism, Shauna spent over twenty years working as a freelance journalist and editor, collaborating with some of Canada’s top newspapers and magazines. As one of GracePoint Publishing’s Book Coaches and Developmental Editors, Shauna helps authors birth new stories into the world with authenticity, clarity, and joy. She has two spirited sons she writes about in her soon-to-be launched blog, A Grateful Heart and, like many moms, she enjoys embarrassing her children with off-key singing and dancing in the kitchen.

Ryder Ballard


Ryder is a high-school student and a young man of many talents. His circus performance skills landed him a feature in Colorado Springs’ premier newspaper, The Gazette, and a spot on local news stations. He now works with larger theatre companies as he continues performing at his school. He brings superior customer service skills to GracePoint as he serves as an office assistant and customer service specialist. Ryder has many passions but helping people is his greatest one. In his down time, he creates musical collaborations and feels more grounded on stilts than he does on his own two feet.

Tascha Yoder

Publishing Advisor

Tascha Yoder brings her MBA and a wealth of experience to GracePoint Publishing. As Program Advisor, she helps authors understand what they’re getting themselves into (in a positive way) as they consider working with us. Tascha brings over 25 years of experience in consulting and coaching and has worked with numerous Fortune 500 clients and solopreneurs. She excels in a multi-faceted client approach and combines life coaching, entrepreneurship, corporate consulting, leadership skills, team building, spiritual practices, and system dynamics as she figures out exactly how best to help her clients succeed. At the tender age of 16, Tascha became addicted to crossword puzzles, honing her way with words into a first place showing at a local competition in 2013.

Liz Hargreaves

Client Care Coordinator

As a teen, you could find Liz in the library lost in a story or competing in high-level gymnastics. Guided by her avid reading habits and curiosity, Liz has a natural desire to lead people. With over 25 years in leadership, coaching, and education, Liz helps navigate people toward their higher vision and purpose and is there to guide clients in their unique publishing journeys while supporting them body, mind, and soul.

Kenzie Seip

proofreader and publishing assistant

Kenzie is a lifelong lover of words and books. As a proofreader and publishing assistant for GracePoint, she is following her dream of working in the publishing industry. When she’s not obsessing over novels, you can find her on a hiking trail with her dog, Mia, and cat, Tabitha, or on a road trip.

Jessica Murrell

Resident Graphic Designer

Jessica Murrell’s artistic journey began early and flourished into a creative career. As one of GracePoint’s resident Graphic Designers, Jessica is living her dream of working with a dynamic team to create gorgeous designs and help clients tell their story through various visual mediums.

As her love for design grew, Jessica went on to earn her BA in Graphic Design with a minor in Marketing. A strong desire to continue learning led Jessica to earn her MBA years later. With over twenty years of experience, Jessica brings a wealth of knowledge to GracePoint’s publishing team. In her spare time, you can find her hanging out with her family and daydreaming about where she’s going to put her horses.

Gretchel Maglasang


Gretchel’s love of nature and calming surrounding serves to boost her dedication to the GracePoint team by offering support in day-to-day operations. She is grateful to work for such an encouraging team as they work to support authors.

In her spare time, she can be found playing acoustic music and enjoying the great outdoors.



As the co-founders of GracePoint Publishing, they know that when you succeed, we all succeed. Their dream is to help you live your purpose, share your message, and be visible in the best possible way for you. They are known for their open hearts and laser sharp coaching.

Don't forget our community

We offer daily live zoom calls where you can get one-on-one feedback on your progress, coaching, accountability, and writing prompts. You’re not a number here. We get to know you and your book intimately. You can jump on a call whenever you feel the need or just would like to connect. There is no obligation to stay long, or to contribute. Fast-movers, deliberate thinkers,  introverts, and lurkers are all welcome.

This isn’t just Q&A. It’s mentorship, strategy, and hands-on support – every step of the way.


They’re not for us. When you’re the real deal, you don’t need any of that to win. You know if this is a match for you.  If you are feeling scared, unsure or hesitant, jump on a call with one of our advisors to discern if this is the right program for you.


Through GracePoint Publishing, Karen and Michelle awarded 250K worth of scholarships in 2020 to marginalized writers, helping to bring their voices to the world in their published works.

We honor the right of every human to be treated with dignity and to make a difference in the world. We offer coaching, products, and services to support our clients in sharing their purpose and mission in the world. Our sensibility is simple but elegant, reaching a wide variety of people with all sorts of belief systems and identifications. We welcome all types of genres, and all types of writers into this program: faith-based to esoteric; astrology to fiction; join us


Your program includes:

  • Personal one-to-one coach

  • Personal editor

  • Group accountability pod

  • Mindset, accountability, and goal setting weekly calls

  • Virtual writing retreats

  • Live Q & A with senior publishing staff

  • Slay writers' block - evoke the muse sessions

  • Open office hours

  • Implementation days

  • Self-publishing assessment

  • Pitch a publisher training

  • Market and sell your book-training

  • Community of writers

  • Curated book club

You can choose to pay with one easy payment or a flexible monthly payment

The best thing about working with Michelle was her dedication to her clients, her follow-through with what she tells you she will do. She is punctual, focused, and committed to helping you succeed. I was reluctant to work with a coach as I didn’t want to spend more money without getting the results I’d hoped for, but she is more than a coach; she takes pride in your growth, and she’s good at what she does. My book hit number three on Amazon! In addition, I got an amazing web page, great videos, knowledge in SEO, and other marketing issues I didn’t know about before. I’d recommend Michelle for anyone wanting to grow their business.

Anita Telle

Best-selling author of four books

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