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Book and Publishing Services:

Complete Manuscript Review:

Our senior editors will review your manuscript for a developmental structure, tone, voice and editorial content. After this review we will send you a report showing how you can polish your manuscript. If you choose to work with us, we will credit your investment into any of our packages. 

$1,000 (up to 70K words)

Get started with scheduling and submit my manuscript for review


Publish My Book!

We take your edited manuscript and give it a final proof, and turn it into your masterpiece of a book!  Included, is interior design, polished professional book cover created to sell. The SEO  and description for the back cover. You’ll be assigned to one of our presses for distribution and promotion. The package includes making sure the book is ready for marketing and distribution and comes with a launch strategy for #1 bestseller status on Amazon. Applicable for those who already have an edited manuscript 


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Write, Publish and Distribute and Market your book!

Start with your idea or just a few words and with our professional help you’ll end up with a completed edited manuscript!  Everything included so you have a book you can be proud of. We guide you through every step of the process, including developing your idea so it will be a sellable book! Upon completion of this program, you will be guaranteed a publishing offer from one of our presses. You’ll start with your coach to make sure your message aligns with your dreams, vision, and goals for your life. We will work with you to make sure your book is of the highest caliber to encourage ‘the next step’ with your reader (opt-ins, call to action, book you as a speaker, etc.). Then will we take you through the writing process and extra marketing to help you get the book out to a larger audience.  Coaching, Editing, Publishing and Marketing. 

$17,500 – monthly payment plan available

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Speaking and Visibility Programs

Signature Talk

Outline, write (with your coach), video record and publish Your Signature Talk


Amplify Purpose and Coaching

Year long Amplify coaching program


VIP Amplify Visibility Circle

Year long coaching program and done with you program (value 64K)

  • Signature Talk  (3,000)
  • Book coaching and complete publishing package (17,500)
  • Audio Book (5K)
  • Podcast tour (30 podcasts)  (10,000)
  • Book Review Tour (5,000)
  • 3 In person (or virtual) Circle mastermind workshops in Colorado Springs January April, September each year. (6,000)
  • 1 In person Creativity Workshop in Madison WI  July each year (2500)
  • Amplify Group Coaching (9,000)
  • Personal Monthly Coaching with a senior visibility and platform coach. (6,000)

By application only. Connect with us!  call 719-527-1404 or email clientcare @ gracepointpublishing.com


Podcasts and Audio Books!


Perfect for the creator looking to build their platform to help amplify and broadcast their message.

Package includes

  • Onboarding and Messaging with Michelle
  • 8 episodes of up to 8 minutes, and trailer of up to 90 seconds approximately 1,200/225 written words
  • Theme song
  • Uploading and scheduling to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook,
    Twitter, and LinkedIn, (assuming host has these platforms
  • Creation of all show notes
  • Research and creation of YouTube/Social hashtags
  • Creation of a social graphic with host name, show name, and
    episode title, in both widescreen and square, for each episode +
  • Three show graphic dimensions, 1 square and 2 rectangular.
  • Social/email blast from GPP or QHD AND N3P, once for trailer and
    once for first episode. Inclusion in weekly N3P newsletter/social



Audio Book Production:

3 – 7K based upon word count and technicalities. Contact us for info.


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