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GracePoint Publishing is offering various publishing scholarships for those participating in our 7-day “Your Best-Selling Book Blueprint” Challenge! 

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Scholarship Opportunites with GracePoint Publishing

Here at GracePoint Publishing, we understand what it’s like to feel like an outsider of groups, to feel like our voices have been hushed, or despite our best efforts, to feel like no one wants to hear what we have to say. We also recognize the way our society is slowly breaking down barriers allowing one voice at a time to be heard, sometimes by only one other person.

And while that’s a great start, here at GracePoint Publishing, we want to accelerate that one-at-a-time mentality and reality, opening doors and creating platforms from which those who have been marginalized and suppressed may stand to spread their messages to the masses through their own personal stories.

We all know that sometimes, just reading or hearing one person’s story is enough to save lives, redirect futures, and change laws; however, what changes could we ignite if we read or heard many voices from many points of view? We have witnessed a shift in vocabulary, using such words as inclusion, diversity, privilege, non-binary, trauma-informed, gender-fluidity, and such phrases as “identify as” but expanding our vocabulary is not enough; we need to hear from those who have lived experiences.

GracePoint Publishing is offering scholarships to those who identify with being marginalized. They are awarded based on need, merit, and of course, a compelling story. We want your voices heard. We want to help you broadcast your message to the world. It’s through your own personal stories told in a professional manner, through a professional publishing house with a caring staff, that you can inspire and elevate humanity to understand the positions of oppression. Only through well-told human experience can we truly understand those lesser-heard voices, and only through an attentive and supportive program can YOU, the one who has lived it, direct change in the hearts, minds, and souls of the readers.

It is time. GracePoint Publishing awarded $250K in scholarship last year alone to aid in expanding the readership of marginalized authors. Our goal is to meet and surpass this amount in 2021. We acknowledge that not every person whose story should be shared can afford coaching, workshops, editors, or agents to help them get their messages to the masses, and we commit to changing that.

Apply today!

We want to hear about your message. It might be an idea for a podcast, course, program, or speech. We publish in various forms (although books are our #1 method of publishing, we also produce speakers, podcasts and courses, and help the authors package and promote their offerings.)  We also take a few books per year on a traditional publishing model – you send us your manuscript and we take it from there!


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