Please, don't die with your book still inside you.

Dramatic? Maybe, but so many let fear and overwhelm stop them from pursuing their dreams. Don’t let this happen to you.

Join publisher Michelle Vandepas for a two-day workshop to help you write, publish, and market your nonfiction book.

Michelle has years of experience working with first-time authors and will share her expertise, advise on what to avoid, and give tips on working with a publisher.

When: August 9 & 10, 2024, from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm MST

Reception: Meet and greet/book signings Friday at 4:30 - 6:30 PM Hotel (cash) bar

Where: Downtown Denver (easy to get to from the airport)

Why: Because this is the year you could still write, publish, and market your book!

Pricing: $250 until June 1, and $345 until Aug 1 then $395. However, don't wait; registration is limited.



I once had a teacher rip up my writing, calling it “drivel.” Today, I am a published bestselling author and the owner of my own successful publishing company.

I have learned firsthand what it means to have a supportive and informed hand to hold through the process of writing and publishing my book, and I’ve created a five-step method to help first-time authors write, publish, and sell their books.

Join me, Michelle Vandepas, CEO and Co-Founder of GracePoint Publishing. In these two days, I will work with you in this hands-on workshop to give you the tools you need to succeed in writing, publishing, and marketing your nonfiction book.

You will be inspired and empowered, and you will leave with the steps you need to take to share your message and be successful as an author.

Deep dive into...

  • The essential knowledge every nonfiction writer needs before sending their manuscript out into the world.
  • The secrets to a successful nonfiction book launch that will make your publication day unforgettable.

Two days of hands-on know-how with a publishing expert


Manuscript Preparation

You will learn to how to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper in a way that your editor will thank you for.

Editing and Proofreading

Do you need a copy editor? A content editor? When is it time for beta readers? What about proofing? All of these questions answered.

Cover Design and Formatting

You will learn how to stand out in the crowd for your genre with a stellar and enticing cover design and how to stay on trend while also being bold and unique.

Finding the Right Publishing Route

There are a lot of publishing options out there. We will explore the options that you have and what will work best to meet your needs and grant you the most success as an author.

Building Your Author Platform

There is an audience for every book out there...the trick is to know how to find your readers and get your book in front of them. We will explore this and more on marketing.

Crafting a Compelling Book Description

A lot of people base their book selection on the back cover or Amazon listing. We will workshop writing an description that really hooks your reader.

Amazon Bestselling Strategies

Amazon is one of the biggest book retailers in the world. Leveraging their algorithms and getting noticed on their lists is the secret to author success.

Navigating Online and Offline Bookstores

Learn how to get your book on physical bookstore shelves and how to boost sales both on- and offline.

What others say about our workshops:


Upcoming Author

The non-fiction publishing workshop Michelle Vandepas and her team at GracePoint Publishing held was highly valuable to me. I gained much bigger-picture knowledge about becoming an author, from what is within me as a writer and real-world ideals about the writing process, editing, cover design, and marketing. Michelle and her team were very authentic, and their intention to teach the high and low points of publishing was very balanced and genuine. There was no attempt to "sell" anything other than a clearer picture of how the publishing industry works so each individual could choose his or her path as resonant to them. I truly appreciated this approach, and it excited me about the prospect of working with Gracepoint as a student and author!


Published Author

Michelle's nonfiction Publishing Workshop was a delight.  I came away with many

new ideas and inspirations that I can implement immediately and in the future.  

Michelle created the space for all of us to thrive, connect, and reflect, with our hearts

leading the way.  In addition, there was much information about the writing and publishing

process.  But it didn't stop there. There was guidance around choosing the path that fits our goals and personalities. I would recommend this workshop to any nonfiction writer, no matter 

where you are in the process.  


Retired Veteran

I enjoyed everything about the experience, and with it being my first writer's workshop, it will be a tough act to follow. 

Michelle is very knowledgeable in her field and always looking for room to get better. As for future workshops, an aspiring author can obtain a lot of knowledge by attending.

Turn your dream of writing and publishing a book into reality!

This workshop will give you a personalized roadmap with a step-by-step workbook and checklist to guide you through the entire process from the first draft to the bestseller launch.

From writing, publishing, and ultimately selling your book, you'll walk away with the knowledge and tools you need to be a successful nonfiction author.

Michelle pulls back the curtain on industry secrets, dirty laundry, and how authors become bestsellers. You will learn strategies from a real publisher and author who has been growing and adapting to the industry for over twenty-five years.

Whether you are self publishing, hybrid publishing, or working with a publisher on acquisition, this workshop caters to all types of publishing styles.

It's time to get out of overwhelm and self doubt. You have what it takes to finish your book, publish, and become a best seller--all in 2024. Michelle has spent over 25 years in this industry fine tuning her insights and methods to help hundreds of authors, just like YOU.

Set yourself up for success. This is not a "one size fits all" blueprint, this is your hands on workshop to find your own unique and personalized nonfiction success.

So... are you in?


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"The best thing about working with Michelle was her dedication to her feel she wants you to succeed, she is more than a 'coach', she takes pride in your work "

- Anita Telle, Author

"I chose to self-publish and GracePoint guided all the way, always making sure that I was well informed and comfortable with each issue of the task. They became trusted friends and did everything they could to help me realize my dream of becoming a published author"

- John Randall, Author

"With some laser coaching and tweaking from Michelle, I was able to greatly improve the ranking of my Amazon book from being in the thousands to double digits in just a few days!"

- Tina Ruznak, Author