Publishing Consultant and Book Coach Free Masterclass Training!

Are you a coach or consultant looking for a way to continue supporting your clients with content creation, lead generation and creative fulfillment?

Would you like to add to your revenue stream?

Publishing a book is a powerful way to build credibility, increase visibility and increase lead generation exponentially.

You’re probably already coaching your clients to explore writing a book as a key element to building their business.

Join us for a free training Feb 12th - 17th (recordings available!)

What if you could do more?

What if you could work directly with your clients, help them write and publish their book and support them in learning how to use their book as a powerful way for them to grow their business?

You are going to learn:

During this five day training you’re going to discover why becoming a Book Publishing Consultant and Coach gives you a unique set of coaching skills that helps you stand apart in the vast sea of coaches and consulting.

As a Book Publishing Consultant and Coach, you’ll work with your client throughout their entire creative process, bringing your knowledge, expertise and powerful skills to hold your clients accountable and actionable in taking the right steps in getting their book to market. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to facilitate the publishing process with them, stay with them as they launch their book and be an integral part of their creative fulfillment.

If you're curious about Book Publishing Consulting or you love watching your clients turn ideas into manuscripts and manuscripts into impactful books, join us!

This event is a live webinar (with replays) happening over Zoom.
Join us February 13th - 17th at 12:00pm ET each day

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Agailia Baker, Author​

JoAnn Levitt, Author​

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"I love your approach. I have gotten more already from these sessions than I have from any workshops I have ever done writing."
"I am so energized about what this book could become! I hadn't considered working with an editor. But now I see it could make the difference between a success and a flop."
"I am impressed by the amount of work that goes into the process of publishing. It would certainly be beneficial to have experienced individuals assist in the process. The importance of the work and services here cannot be trivialized in any way."
"Hurrah, I love your way of teaching. It is so non-judgmental and encouraging."

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