Publishing and Book Coaching Certification

World class training in this fast growing industry

Karen and Michelle, co-founders of GracePoint,  talk about the certification program.

You already know that becoming a Publishing Consultant can open new doors for your coaching business

It can help you increase profits, add value to your services, and better support your clients.

But learning all of the ins and outs of this industry can be overwhelming.

The publishing world is complex and rapidly evolving.

And you don’t want to lead your client astray when even a tiny misstep can be costly.

What if you could get world-class training and support from a prolific publishing house?

By The End Of This Certification You'll Be Able To:

Does this sound like you?

Introducing the brand-new
Publishing Certification Training Program.

Why would you hand them over to someone else to publish their book when you did all the work to get them ready?

There are many other reasons why you want to hold on to your client and coach them through the writing and publishing process.

We are GracePoint Publishing

We work in collaboration every step of the way with you, to make sure you can help your client. Our team is here to help you help your client!

The book publishing industry is constantly changing. We know how to provide you with information and tools that aid your client  in navigating an industry that is in constant flux. We will teach you how to support your client in publishing a gorgeous, relevant, high-quality book — all while you grow your own coaching practice too.

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The GracePoint Publishing Book Publishing Certification Training Program will help you:

The bottom line?

You work with your client and you work with our in-house production team. The end result is: your client will publish a beautiful book you both can be proud of!

Just you serving your client and working together to help them fulfill their dream of being a published author.

Here's what you'll get

18 Modules

+ Personal Coaching and Support Modules

Publishing Consultant And Book Coach Cert Mock
Section I: Working with your author clients:

Section II: Building your business as a Publishing Consultant

Section III: Support Modules

I’m Michelle Vandepas

Co-founder of GracePoint publishing and I have 24 years of experience in all aspects of publishing. As you can imagine, everything has changed in those years, and I’ve kept up with it all, the good, bad, and the confusing, so you don’t have to.

(Should I publish directly on Amazon or through a distributor?)
(How will I know how many copies of my book will sell?)
(If don’t know how to TikTok or selfie, am I doomed?)

I’ve helped authors with all types of publishing including getting agents, book deals, self-publishing, and getting out of contracts that no longer worked for them.
Some of our authors have had movies made about them and been interviewed on major media platforms, and some have gone on to build successful businesses.

This is me walking out of our building in Colorado Springs. Our team is partly in office, partly remote and some even hybrid!  You are always welcome to stop by and have tea if you are in the area! (Karen took the photo! I love it)

However, sometimes writing and publishing your book is enough. I’ve had a client reach out after hearing her book saved someone from suicide. Another author is helping women who have experienced trauma in childhood. Another volunteers with foster youth.

No matter your background, inspiring story, or lack of writing skills ,you can become a publishing consultant and have great stories to share about your clients and their books.

Publishing and Book Coaching Certification



Payment plan available

You Save $2,000

Check Out What Others Have To Say About Us!

Agailia Baker, Author​

JoAnn Levitt, Author​

Your support when we did our coaching was life-saving! I just sold out (well almost) my new venture an advanced premium workshop for academic writers for 2k each so, thank you for everything, again!
Sharon Shahaf
It was Michelle who introduced the idea of an online launch, what would need to be done to make the book a “best seller” in Amazon and gave support and guidance. In other words, in this day and age, I’m not sure seeking a traditional publisher makes sense, so the effort that would be needed to find a traditional publisher would be better spent, most likely, in connecting with a small nimble publishing company that can help you with all elements of the publishing, including the marketing elements that will be needed, such as GracePoint Publishing.
Tanya Deckla Cobb
As an author who previously self-published, I really appreciate the expertise that GracePoint Publishing brought to my latest book. Working with a team that has knowledge about all phases of the process including editing, cover design and marketing has helped make this a book a great representation of my brand. I couldn't have done it without them!
Erick Jackier
You have a way of teaching that feels very approachable and open. Clients can feel comfortable knowing that what they share with you will stay with you unless they give permission to share. You come from a safe and non-judgmental place.
Judy Helm Wright
Judy Helm Wright

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Coaches, Editors, Business Consultants and anyone who has clients interested in writing and publishing a book! Or, If you are working to pivot into coaching, this is a perfect way to get started.

What book genre will this training cover?

Although we focus on non-fiction and memoir books, most of the material will be applicable for authors writing all types of books.

How long until I'm certified

Most people will finish between eight months and a year, however if you have experience in the industry, you can apply to be fast tracked and be certified much more quickly. We will evaluate your skill set and experience as part of your fast track.

Are there ongoing fees?

As a special bonus  we are offering lifetime support for those who join us before March 31, 2023

Opps. I changed my mind! What about a refund?

Sorry, although we don’t offer refunds after three days, we do allow you to switch from one program  to another as long as we have space!  We work hard to make sure you are in the right place.

Just email

What is the future of publishing? Is this a good investment?

We wish we could predict the future however our research shows publishing (e-books, audio books and yes, still paperback books) is a growing industry. Having a signature book is a way for your clients to grow their business, be seen as an expert and generate business. We don’t see publishing slowing down anytime soon!

Publishing and Book Coaching Certification



Payment plan available

You Save $2,000

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