For many entrepreneurs and business owners, writing a book is next on their to-do list. Publishing a book gives professionals an outlet to share their uniquely curated skills and knowledge with their followers and the world at large, increasing their impact. However, for many of these professionals, writing and publishing a book is not part of their current skill base.

Coach, consultant and podcast host Tony LaPrino invites Michelle Vandepas onto his podcast, “Facing the Facts” to discuss writing for professionals. They discuss the unique collaborative publishing that GracePoint Publishing is known for, particularly emphasizing why this model is so perfect for entrepreneurs. They also delve further into the differences between traditional publishing, collaborative publishing, and self-publishing. If you’re not sure which option is best for you, this podcast is a great place to start!


Tony LaPrino is a husband, father, business owner, and CEO of Murph & Me, a coaching and consulting agency. His podcast focuses on helping listeners gain control of their life in the areas of health & wellness, mindset & belief, and money & business. You can listen to this episode, featuring Michelle, here, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Be sure to follow GracePoint Publishing and Tony LaPrino on their social media linked below to stay in the loop with all the exciting things coming up!


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