Many of us have found ourselves wondering how to remain motivated during the coronavirus pandemic. We might be questioning if we can pursue publishing goals or writing dreams. Michelle Vandepas has an answer; you can thrive during this quarantine and continue to create new opportunities and ideas. In this episode of The Kim Barrett Show Podcast, GracePoint’s publisher, Michelle Vandepas, shares with us why now is actually the best time to write a book. 


Not only does Michelle help explain why quarantine is the perfect time to write your book, but she also shares practical tips on book leverage, specifically for businesses. She addresses entrepreneurs, sharing the ways in which marketing and book leverage can help their pursuits and how to maintain effective time management during a pandemic (a skill that, as a community, we have never had to learn before). Michelle provides inspiration for those currently working on their book, those scared to start, those who have already published and are looking to market, and anyone who is simply looking for a bit of motivation and guidance during these uncertain times. 


This podcast episode is hosted by Kim Barrett on The Kim Barrett Show. As the founder of the online marketing agency, Your Social Voice, he provides insight on all things business through his podcast. He discusses everything from how to generate more leads to increasing your social media engagement, as well as other practical strategies and tactics. Make sure to give his podcast a follow and check Your Social Voice out on their website and social media outlets listed below. 

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