Is writing a book on your bucket list? Do you have a story that you’ve just been itching to share, wisdom you need to put on paper, or a new idea that the world needs to know? A lot of people have had that nudge for years, a twitch for a pen and paper. It is important to follow that nudge for your soul, but there’s a big difference between having that nudge and actually putting your dreams into actions. 

In this episode of the Billionaire Lifestyle, hosted by Emmitt Muckles, Michelle Vandepas confronts this very topic. As the CEO of GracePoint Publishing, Michelle has witnessed countless people turn this nudge into a successful reality. During this interview, she explains just how she has been able to help this process see fruition through book coaching and promotion. Book coaching as a role is different than what some may think but is incredibly valuable to authors. 

She also delves into the ways in which GracePoint Publishing helps support their authors and clients through promotion and advertising, not just the book writing process. Some of the ways that her clients have successfully promoted their books might just surprise you and challenge some of the preconceptions you may have about advertising in our technological world. 

This episode is hosted by Emmitt Muckles, who works as a trainer, public speaker, and business owner. He turned a history of financial stress into personal success and now shares his wisdom and the wisdom of his podcasts guests with the world. You can find more about Emmitt and his business in the links at the end of this blog or on his website. 

Tune into this episode to hear more about book coaching, promotion, and that gentle nudge that rests on our soul to pursue our goals and tear down barriers holding you back. Once you’ve decided to take that next step, remember you can always sign up for a no-obligation coaching call and find countless other resources on the GracePoint Publishing website and social media listed below!

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