Michelle Vandepas joins the “P is for Profit” Podcast for a special episode to chat abouther journey to publishing and all of the lessons she’s learned. In case you’re new on our page, as a reminder, Michelle is an expert in helping those who want to share what they’ve learned with the world by publishing a book. She is the Co-Founder of GracePoint Matrix and GracePoint Publishing. She is also an esteemed TEDx speaker and TEDx Speaker Coach.

An Inside Look

“In the process of publishing and marketing my first book, I started talking to other people about the mistakes that they made and what I do differently. Before you know it, I was merging my marketing consulting with book consulting. Over 20 years, that morphed into specializing in publishing books. Eventually, I became Co-Founder and owner of a book publishing company. So I really understand the whole process, how you use it to market a business, how you go about writing a book when you’re not a writer, and all the way through to publishing and marketing. And that just comes from being years in the industry,” Michelle shares this and further insight on how she came to be the Co-Founder of a publishing company, as well as applicable advice such as:

Who You’ll Hear

Listen to the full conversation here, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts! P is for Profit is hosted by Adam Lean. Adam Lean, a small business veteran and founder of TheCFOProject.com interviews top small business experts to uncover the secrets to building a profit-focused company. Along the way, he’ll break down all the complex finance stuff and make it simple and easy to understand so you can be a better business owner and own a more profitable business. 

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