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Hi, Karen Curry Parker here with your business by design weekly report, the sun is transiting in the gate 37, the earth transiting in the gate 40, completing the channel of bargains and agreements, the channel where in business, we actually make our legal contracts and our legal bonds. So certainly this week, the first thing for you to explore is are there any legal actions, legal bonds and contracts that you need to make to sustain yourself and deepen the quality of the business that you are doing. You also want to this week, explore all the contracts that you are having, I really encourage everybody this week to look at all of the things that you are contractually obligated to in your business, whether that’s your shopping cart system, your websites, your any kind of agreement that you’ve made for your business, take it out and just take stock of it. You know, there are, there are those apps online, I don’t know if you are on your phone that allow you to kind of scan through all your subscription subscriptions and make sure you’re not wasting money or not, you haven’t paid for something that you’re not doing, you’re not using this a good time in your business this week to really take stock are you using everything you’re paying for? Is it working for you, if it’s not working for you, it’s a great time for you to begin to explore what else might be out there for you really think about the idea because this energy is an energy that’s about sustainability on the material plane, it’s about money to a certain degree, really explore whether the investments that you are making are really bringing you back the return that you are wanting and that you’re worthy of. I really encourage you as you look at this to also explore not just where do you maybe need to cut back on some of your agreements. But also where do you maybe need to forge new agreements, maybe it’s not just about getting rid of things you’re not using, maybe it’s time to make an investment in growing, what else is possible for you in taking stock of what do you really need to strengthen the foundation of your business, so that the contracts that you are making are going to deepen your sustainability and your profit in your business. This is also the channel of community and certainly community requires of us a certain degree of service. And for all of you who are in heart based conscious businesses, this place of service is vital. And it actually is one of the drivers of profit in your business. For many of you if you are not being of service, you have a difficult time conferring money or profit upon yourself, that’s important to pay attention to as well. Because here’s the other part of this, there’s a fine line between service and martyrdom. And it’s a line that we are always exploring and playing with when we serve as part of our business. There’s a balance that has to be maintained. And that balance is maintained on the fulcrum of what I’ll call sustainability. Meaning this, if you have given so much in your business that you are depleted and burned out, and I know this has been the theme of February, I’ve talked about this a lot in February, and promised in March, we have a whole new theme, but we’re winding February down with the end of this burnout theme. If you have depleted your own resources, because you’ve given so much or you’ve made contracts that haven’t served you or you’ve wasted resources, sometimes, if you’ve given away too much, and you’ve depleted your own self, it’s very difficult for you to show up for your business. This week. The energy this week invites you to explore what do you need to do to restore your own energy? What do you need to do to bring yourself back into alignment with peace and harmony on the internal plane first. And the beauty of it is recognizing that peace and harmony are deeply connected to your own self worth and your value that when you value yourself and you value your work. And you value your business than the contracts and the agreements that you enter into either with yourself or with partnerships in your business. Those contracts and those agreements sustain you and support you and being able to continue to offer value to the world in a sustainable way. Keeping it super simple. Here’s the bottom line on this. Your self worth will be reflected in the way in which you conduct your business. When you value yourself. You’ll set good and strong boundaries for yourself. You will make sure the contracts and agreements that you make reflect that value and you’ll do whatever you need to do to sustain your energy in business so that you can continue to be sustainable in the world. You can’t do business if you’re not sustainable. You can’t do business. If you are trapped in boom and bust cycles that are depleting and energizing and depleting and energizing and depleting and energizing you need sustainability which means you’ve got to structure your business and explore this week ways to structure your business so that your business also sustain means you. And if it isn’t exploring what needs to happen for you to create a platform for you to deepen your sustainability. For me personally, I will just throw this out here for you. You know, I have found over the years that my business needs vacations, not just me, but my business needs vacations, meaning, I do better when I give myself a cycle of rest away from my business, I don’t do it often, I only do it, you know, maybe four times a year. But there are times when I go on retreat with my business and my business. And I have conversations I talk to my business in those retreat cycles. And we have in a restorative, replenishing healing conversations about what does the business need to be to stay sustainable. So take your business on retreat this week, and go into deep conversation with your business about what is it need to feel honored to feel recognized to hold its value in the marketplace, so that your business can continue to be a source of sustenance for you, and a source of service for the world? So that’s the big piece this week, explore for yourself? What do you need to do to stay sustainable in your business? How do you need to bolster your business so that your business itself is more sustainable? Where do you need to perhaps amp up your own sense of value in your business so that you can stand more strongly in your value, and make agreements that allow you and your business to be more sustainable? And what contracts and agreements do you perhaps need to either get rid of if they’re not working? Or maybe what contracts and agreements do you need to make to expand, expand and deepen the capacity, the platform that you have upon which you are building your business, your place of service, that vehicle for your heart in the world? That’s it. Have a great week, have fun exploring? Take good care of yourselves and please, please, please keep yourself sustainable. The world needs you to do what you came here to do. You can’t do it if you’re burned out. And if you’re burned out, check out some of the options that we have, including our upcoming Ohio retreat. We have one spot left, I’ll post the link below. Have a great week.

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