Special Bonus Episode with Karen Curry Parker! Living with Conviction by Toby Dorr

July 2022 - 20mins 25seconds
Interested in learning about Toby Dorr and her story? Our very own Karen Curry Parker gives a special episode to explain who she is.

“None of us are our worst mistakes.

 We are all a culmination of all the things we’ve done in our life.

 And one mistake that we make should not be the thing that we’re judged by.”

 Toby Dorr in her bestselling memoir, Living with Conviction: Unexpected Sisterhood, Healing, and Redemption in the Wake of Life-Altering Choices

Toby made a conscious choice to use her twenty-seven months in prison as a time to heal and make new choices about her life. Her turning point was when she was at her lowest, during her second time in suicide watch. The revelation she found during her time in isolation is what Toby says gave her life purpose and direction.

None of us is our worst mistake.

Nor are any of us inherently bad or incapable of reform and change. The topic of why people commit crimes has come up over and over again. The answer is simple.


By teaching that your life and your value are not defined by your worst mistake, Toby pushes people to move beyond the confines of their circumstances and live each moment with conviction, allowing its fullest, most beautiful potential to unfold.

To learn more about Toby and discover the real story behind the hype, listen in and then get the book on Amazon in audiobook, eBook, and print form at https://www.amazon.com/Living-Conviction-Unexpected-Sisterhood-Life-Altering-ebook/dp/B09X12ZDPQ/

Find the audiobook on Audible at https://tinyurl.com/livingwithconvictionaudiobook

To connect with Toby, please follow the links below:

Toby Dorr official website, https://tobydorr.com/

Toby Dorr on Instagram, @tobydorr

Toby Dorr on Twitter, @TobyDorrAuthor

Toby Dorr on Facebook, @TobyDorrAuthor

About Toby Dorr:

Toby Dorr dared the unthinkable. She liberated a handsome younger man, a convicted murderer, from Lansing Correctional Facility. Since completing her time in Federal Prison, Toby has achieved two master’s degrees and rebuilt a broken life.

Throughout her memoir, Living with Conviction, you will feel all the heart-pounding, tear-jerking, eye-opening experiences that touch the most primal human need: the need to be significant. A fascinating prison tale, through the lens of love, inspires change.

Keep writing. Keep creating. Your words matter.

Find out how to begin your own book publishing journey at gracepointpublishing.com

Produced by Number Three Productions (who also produced Toby’s audiobook!), numberthreeproductions.com

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