International Human Design Conference

Gracepoint Publishing is spearheading the first-ever International Human Design Conference in September 2020. Leading human design experts from all over the world, including Karen Curry Parker, Kim Gould, Rosy Aronson, and Dr. John Dougherty, to Manitou Springs, Colorado for a few days of learning, self-discovery, healing and business breakthroughs.

Part of the proceeds from the 2020 International Human Design Conference will go to The Exodus Road, an organization devoted to stopping human trafficking all over the world.

Michelle Vandepas gives a preview of the exciting things happening at this year’s conference.



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My name is Michelle Vandepas and I am the co founder of GracePoint Publishing and we are putting on the International Human Design Conference this year, I wanted to hold the conference because there are amazing people from all over the world that teach Human Design. And I haven’t found a place to where they all come together to share their knowledge. And just purely on a personal level. We are publishers of humans design materials, I believe we’re the number one publisher in the world of human design books and courses. And so of course, I want to pull together a conference that shows the incredible wealth of knowledge about human design all over the world. At the conference this year, we’ve got some incredible speakers lined up. We have keynoters Karen curry Parker, you will know her online, we’ve got Kim gold coming all the way from Australia. I’m so excited about that. She talks about the feminine DNA and bringing that and marrying that with human design. We’ve got Robin Wynn, who talks about how to use human design in your therapy practice or in your practice of some kind. Dr. John Doherty is joining us and He is bringing his quantum healing theories to our conference. It’s very exciting. We have breakout sessions with nanny chess Sherry And Emily vino talking about creativity and human design. We’ve got Evelyn Levinson, who will be doing a projective breakout, Sandra Lee on a manifestor breakout, we’re gonna have breakouts on all the types, of course, lots more breakout sessions planned and some other keynote speakers that I can’t quite say yet, but are almost confirmed. I can’t wait. We’ll be having a really fun scavenger hunt. We’ve got a gala planned. We have a special Meet and Greet for members of the understanding human design community. You can find out more about that at the understanding human website. The conference is in the gorgeous mountains of Manitou Springs, Colorado that’s really close to Colorado Springs, you can fly into Denver or Colorado Springs, there’s a really cool spa hot springs close by, we’re taking over the whole boutique hotel, the Cliff House Hotel, so it’ll be full of human design people at so cool. No matter where you look, no matter where you turn, there will be human design people. And so come stay at the hotel, stay in gorgeous Manitou Springs, and come participate in our conference with us. This conference is being held in September, the pre conference workshops, start September 10. The workshops are for anyone who is building a business. So we’re going to be teaching things like business by design, marketing, by design, how to use human design in your practice, how to bring more quantum healing into your practice. Or if you have a healing practice, if you’re a therapist, or a doctor of some kind, how you can use human design and quantum healing how all that works together, we’ll be talking about building your practice building your business. And so that’s all September 10, and part of September 11. Then September 11. In the evening, we open with a keynote speaker food and beverages and some networking activities. It’s going to be really fun. And then the conference goes all day Saturday, a big gala Saturday night, lots of fun, we hope to have some live music for sure some dancing, some drinks, some food, everybody’s welcome. It’s included in your ticket price. And then we go all the way through Sunday noon. And we’ll stay open a couple hours after Sunday noon just for meet and greet and you can meet the speakers and so forth. So one of the things that we’re doing at the conference is we are working very closely with a cause that’s near and dear to my heart, and that is to stop human trafficking. It happens all over the world. But believe it or not, it’s also very prevalent in the United States. And it’s not just teenage girls, it’s all kinds of people who find themselves in really precarious positions and end up being trafficked or used as slaves. And so we are working with a local Colorado Springs organization called Exodus road, and they are international. They work against human trafficking all over the world. We’ve already donated some proceeds back to them. And with just a small amount of money, they can send a social worker into a country and work with the local police the local forces there to help shut down human trafficking. They’re very successful, it’s a great organization, they will have a booth and they will be selling some of their items in person, all their proceeds go back to them, and we’re supporting them and we hope to really make a dent in human trafficking working with them. I hope you’ll come to the conference because you’re going to learn so much about human design. Of course, you’re going to learn about the new languaging from a keynote speaker Karen curry Parker, you’re going to learn about feminine DNA from Kim gold, you’re going to learn about creativity you’re going to learn about bringing in how to use human design in your therapy practice, but so much more than that you’re going to connect with people from all over the world who love human design. And that hasn’t really happened before as far as I know except online. This is an incredible opportunity to network with other people also interested in human design, and then be able to take those relationships out with you when you go back home. So you can come find out more information. We’ll be updating speakers at Human Design You can get your tickets book, your hotel, and I can’t wait to meet you in September. 

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