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I’m Karen Curry Parker, one of the founders of GracePoint Publishing – the world’s first Partnership Publishing company. What does every entrepreneur always want more of especially for their business? Attention. You need attention to sell more products and services, to get more media, to attract talent to your business, to raise capital and to get people to invite you to speak and share your knowledge, There are many ways to get attention, but in my experience, writing and publishing a book is not only one of the best ways to get attention. It’s one of the most under-utilized by entrepreneurs. 1. A book gives you authority, credibility, and expertise. 2. A book raises your visibility and gets media coverage. 3. A book helps people find you. 4. A book helps people talk about you. Books turn attention into money. In the last 10 years, the technology of self-publishing, e-publishing, and print-on-demand has changed the book market making it easier for you to self-publish. But there’s a catch.

Self-Publishing Process

If you don’t know how to manage the self-publishing process, you’re going to end up sinking thousands of dollars into an embarrassing, low-quality product that you won’t be able to sell or distribute to retailers or libraries. Your book will be nothing better than a nicer version of a photocopy. And most importantly it won’t get the attention you need.GracePoint Publishing is a woman-founded, woman-owned business. My partner, Michelle Vandepas, and I are not only publishers but best-selling authors and coaches. We are intimately familiar with the unique challenges facing women working to get their messages out into the world. So with over 60 combined years in the publishing industry, we know how to not only help you publish a high-quality, beautiful book, We know how to help you use your book to sell •YOU, •your products, and services, •get media attention, •attract ideal clients •and position you as the leading expert in your field, giving you a powerful platform – the attention you need – for your message and your voice.

We are the only Partnership publishers in the world who work with you to get your book distributed. And into the Library of Congress making sure that your book gets it into the library system. When you partner with GracePoint Publishing, you don’t get lost in the learning-curve of an industry that changes almost daily, costing you thousands of dollars and leaving you with a product you’re ashamed or embarrassed to share with the world. You get a high-quality book that you can leverage to get the attention that your business and your message deserves – a book you will be proud to share with the world and your voice.

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