Human Design and the Corona Virus Part 2


Every event, including your birth, has an energy design that is a synthesis of the planetary themes transiting at the inception of the event.  These planetary themes set up the “curriculum” for what the event has the potential to teach us.

If you ever want to understand “why” some event has happened to you and what lesson the event is brining you, you can always run the chart of the event and see what planetary themes are being illuminated for you.

Covid-19 has been a major disruptive event on a global level.  For the past year we’ve been experiencing the challenges of social isolation, educational disruption, economic devastation, overburdened healthcare systems and more as a result of this cataclysmic global crisis.

If we look at the design of this global pandemic we will find a collective “curriculum” that can help us master the lessons the virus is bringing us.  Understanding the “curriculum” of the Coronavirus gives us vital insights and contemplations that can help us influence the outcome of this cycle of global disruption.

According to Ra Uru Hu, the founder of the Human Design System, pandemics begin when the Sun is transiting in the Gate 44.4.   That puts the “birthday” of the Coronavirus pandemic on November 3-4, 2019.

(If you want to learn more about the initiating curriculum of the Coronavirus that started last year, you can read a detailed explanation in my book, Human Design and the Coronavirus, available here:

We are on the cusp of the second “birthday” of the Coronavirus.  The Sun transits the Gate 44.4 on November 2, 2020, one day before the American presidential elections.

In this post, I’m going to highlight the themes that “round two” of the Coronavirus is brining us, breaking the solar return chart into planetary segments, sharing with you some highlights specific to Human Design and giving you some contemplations to help you integrate and master the lessons that the Coronavirus is brining us.

The Nodes:

We’ll start with the Nodes.  The transits in the Nodes represent the “Story line” or the “plot outline” of the experience we are having.  The South Node is transiting the Gate 26, the Gate of Integrity.  The North Node is transiting the Gate 45, the Gate of Distribution.

The South Node represents what we need to have in place and stabilized in order for us to move toward to theme of the North Node.  The South Node in the Gate 26 tell us that we can’t fulfill the promise of the North Node theme until we tackle our personal and collective integrity.

We know from Human Design, that there are five kinds of Integrity:

  1. Physical Integrity is experienced when our bodies are healthy and vital.
  2. Resource Integrity is when we use our material resources in a sustainable way.
  1. Identity Integrity is experienced when we feel that we can fully manifest the value of our authentic identity and we don’t compromise who we are for the sake of money.
  1. Moral Integrity is the courage to do the right thing and to make sure that our actions are honest and aligned with higher principles and values.
  2. Energetic Integrity is experienced when we consistently and deliberately rest and take care of ourselves so that we have the energy to engage with life in a sustainable way.

When our patterns and choices have supported us in living aligned, not only with our own value, but the inherent value of others, we will overcome the challenges of the epidemic and have the strength and resources to fulfill the North Node Theme of Distribution.

The North Node is in the Gate 45, the Gate of Distribution.  We are learning to share and use our resources for the greater good of the whole and to manage resources judiciously so that they benefit the most amount of people.

If we master living in alignment with integrity, our cups will be full and we will have more to share.  But if we fail to live in integrity, our state of lack will keep us from acting for the greater good of others in addition to ourselves.  We will hoard, withhold, and fail to act in a way that sustains us all.

The rest of the planetary positions in the return chart of the second “birthday” of the Coronavirus will reveal to us what we need to do to establish a sustainable state of integrity on a personal and collective level and what lessons we are exploring in the year ahead.
The Sun:

The Sun highlights and brings us the theme of The Gate 44, the Gate of Truth, The energy of the Sun represents the highest potential of the lessons in our curriculum for the pandemic. With the Sun in the Gate 44, we are being forced to explore our patterns of the past and to see whether our choices have kept us in alignment with our integrity.

We are learning that we are all pieces of a whole and that the whole is only as healthy as the sum total of the pieces.  We can not extract our own unique piece without taking into consideration the well-being of others.

We are deciding to wear masks because they protect others, in addition to ourselves.  We are making careful choices about who we spend time with, how we go out into the world, and to minimize our exposure to others to try to keep not only ourselves safe, but to protect our community.

We are all well when we are ALL well.

I believe that it is no coincidence that the Coronavirus has been such a big theme in the American political arena, causing ripples of dissent, misinformation, tension, fear and conspiracy theories on all sides of the political aisle.  This virus has done its job of revealing to us our alignment (or misalignment) with integrity and has highlighted all of the themes of truth that create the possibility of living personally and collectively in integrity.

Certainly our experience of the virus has threatened our physical integrity, inviting us to explore how we can become stronger and healthier in an attempt to minimize the ravaging effects of the virus.  As I write this, more than 44 million people on the planet have been diagnosed with Coronavirus.  We have lost more than 1.17 million lives.

The virus has threatened our economies and forced us to have to work and consume in different ways.  We are being invited to innovate and rethink what we need and where we want to invest our money and efforts.

We are exploring our value and our self-worth and the value of the lives around us.  We are wrestling with giving up our personal freedoms for the sake of making collective strides in safety and well-being.  Some of us have had to take jobs that provide security rather than fulfillment and put our dreams on the back burner for now.

Politics in general seem to bring into question morality and the courage to do the right thing, even if it’s hard or costs voter approval.  This year’s political battle in the United States and beyond brings moral integrity into question and begs of us to ask our leaders whether they can stand in alignment with “doing the right thing” even if it’s difficult or unpopular.

Of course, we are all fatigued from the limitations that the virus has imposed on us.  We are burned out and longing for things to return to some kind of state of normalcy, even though we most likely still have a long road of recovery ahead of us.

This next cycle of the Coronavirus encourages us to explore our patterns of the past that are continuing to threaten our integrity.  We must have the courage to be honest and to trust our own inner assessment with what we perceive as true with the realization that it’s hard for us to know what’s true or Truth when we are out of integrity.  Desperation sometimes causes us to hear what we want to hear rather than hear what we need to hear to heal the karma of our self-worth and bring us back into alignment with integrity.

The Coronavirus is continuing to teach us that we can’t go back to the way things were.  We will be completely different people when this is over.


The Earth: 

The Earth represents what we need to experience in order to be able to master the challenges of the Sun. The Earth in the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings, reminds us to to recognize that all of our experiences have the potential for growth and expansion. We must redefine the stories of what has come before to reflect what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown. We’re also being invited to be grateful for all of our life experiences and to liberate ourselves from stories that no longer serve us.


We cannot afford to descend into victimhood, blame, old patterns and old responses.

This is powerful, transformative energy and it invites us to find gratitude in the moment, to receive the lessons we’re being given with grace.

The Coronavirus has invited to pull back, to reduce social connection.  For many of us, this may be a welcome change of pace, an opportunity to re-connect with our family and with simplicity.  It’s been a time to read, draw, write, paint, create, tell stories, find the thread of what’s truly valuable in our lives and cultivate a renewed sense of gratitude for our lives.

The shadow of the Gate 24 is rationalization.  Because the theme of Truth is so prevalent in the curriculum that the Coronavirus is teaching us, it is easy for us to rationalize our actions, especially if we are out of integrity in any way.  Others may try to rationalize their actions or “truths” to you.

This energy encourages us to take a big step back and take a bigger perspective on the challenges facing the world right now.  We can not afford to contract to smaller rationalizations when we need to be taking big, bold steps forward into a future that is more in alignment with who we truly are.  The “big picture” perspective is a theme that plays out in many of the rest of the planetary positions.  We’ve been exploring all year how to keep ourselves inspired and in a more expansive state of wonder and curiosity in order to be able to bring about the elegant solutions needed for the challenges ahead.


The Moon: 

The Moon represents the energy that drives us.  Because the Moon moves quickly, it passes through two Gates during this transit, the Gate 16, the Gate of Zest and the Gate 20, the Gate of Patience.

Both of these Gates are regulators of time and timing.  In the shadow energy of the Gate 16 often begs of us to jump the gun and just “do” something without adequate preparation and laying a foundation of information and knowledge.  It is youthful enthusiasm that can often be quickly humbled by the schooling of experience that makes us have to start over with better preparation and awareness.

The Gate 16 teaches us to temper our enthusiasm by making sure we’ve prepared enough for whatever it is we’re trying to do or create.

The Gate 20 invites us to wait for the right time before we take action and also invites us to be prepared.  We are learning to be prepared and watchful but to also resist the urge to act if the timing isn’t right, or if there are details that still need to be readied.

With both of these themes being highlighted by the Moon, it sets us up for another year of feeling anxious about momentum and wanting to have a resolution to the challenges we are facing.  But no amount of pressure or force will create against right timing.  Like endurance riders in a long race, we are being trained to connect with our cadence and the rhythm of the road and keep taking one step at a time, to notice how far we’ve come instead of worrying about when we’re going to get “there”.



Mercury is the planet that carries the energy for what we’ll be talking about and the dynamics of our communications with each other.  Mercury highlights the Gate 32, the Gate of Endurance, in a retrograde station.


This is the first of four planets in a retrograde station.  Retrograde planetary cycles are inwardly focused and give us a pause for personal reflection, not the best quality for a planet that has a certain transpersonal quality…

The Gate 32 brings us the lesson of learning to trust in Divine Timing. We are turning inward for the inner signals that let us know what to do to prepare for the next step of manifestation and to align with the unfolding of the process.

This is yet another theme that is inviting us to be patient and to trust in the timing of what’s in front of us.  If we pull the trigger before the timing is right, we run the risk of generating pain and fear.  It will be vital for us to manage our fear so that we can hear the pulse for right timing and be deliberate – not reactive – in our responses to each other.

With our words we can encourage each other, remind each other that everything will turn out alright in due time and to trust in right timing.

This is a time for us to play, prepare and have fun while we’re waiting, because nothing makes time move slower than watching the movements of the second hand around the clock face…



Venus, the planet that represents our values and what we value, is in the Gate 18, the Gate of Re-Alignment.

This Gate brings us the energy…drum roll please …of learning to wait for the right timing and the right circumstances to offer your intuitive insights into how to fix or correct a pattern, to wait for the right time and the right reason to share your critique and to understand that the purpose of re-alignment is to create more joy, not to be “right”.



Mars, the planet associated with youthful lessons and challenges, is in the Gate 51, the Gate of Initiation, sometimes known and the “Gate of Shock”. Mars, the second of our retrograde planets leaving us feeling like we want to fight, but not always sure what we’re fighting for.

The Gate 51 is probably one of the more challenging Gates in the Human Design system. Frankly, many people experience this Gate as a shocking, unexpected experience that can be dramatic and radically destabilizing.

With the Mars highlighting this theme we have the potential to be awakened to Truth, deepen our connection with Source and our Purpose or feel like we need to pick a fight to prove our value and our “rightness”.

To understand this theme we have to look at the relationship that this theme has with its archetypical “cohorts”. Let’s explore the electro-magnetic Gate to the Gate 51, the Gate 25, the Gate of Spirit.

Electro-magnetic Gates are the two paired Gates within a Channel.  Each electro-magnetic Gate with in a Channel embodies a part of the theme of the Channel.

In the Channel 25/51, the Channel of Higher Purpose, we see the theme of the personal self “dying” and being reborn into a more aligned identity that is the embodiment of the Higher Self.  This is the place where we discover the role that our personal ego plays in serving our Higher Self and the greater good.

The “death” here is the death of the ego and is analogous to the journey of the priestess or the shaman where “death” is a metaphorical theme that is invoked through ritual and other transformational processes as a tool to call forth a deeper connection with the Higher Self.

In Human Design we see that the “death” or the surrender of the personal ego to a higher purpose is initiated through a “shock” or cataclysmic event.  Of course, this isn’t the only way to get “initiated” into a deeper spiritual purpose and cultivating this kind of meaning in your life, but the chart does hint at the idea that we sometimes need to be brought to our knees in order to transcend our personal will and embrace Divine Will.

With this understanding, we see that when we interpret the unpredictable twists and turns of our cosmic timeline as catalytic and we use the experience for growth, expansion, higher purpose and alignment with service, we begin to have some kind of control -even if it’s just reminding ourselves that all things happen for a reason – over how we’re going to process the “shock”.  Will these twists and turns help us grow or will we turn our backs on God and the meaning of our lives in the face of tragedy and unexpected events?

The Gate 51 in its masterful expression gives us the ability to consciously use cycles of disruption and unexpected twists and turns of fate as catalysts that deepen our connection to Source and to our Life and Soul Purpose.

When we learn to not let the unexpected cause us to lose our faith we are able to use the power of our own story of initiation to initiate others into fulfilling their right place in the Cosmic Plan.

(It is important to note here that the “shock” of the Gate 51 can also bring unexpected GOOD events, too…)

In order to integrate the initiation of the Gate 51, we have to have a resilient mindset and a spiritual practice that anchors us in the knowing that we can navigate the seas of the unknown and roll with the “shock” when we know that we are being led through a metaphorical portal that will open our Hearts to a deeper understanding of how we can use our lives to serve Love.

Shock has the power to crack us open to what is truly valuable and precious in life.  It strips away the details and causes us to focus with laser-like clarity on what’s necessary and vital.  It gives us deep clarity about the next “right step” – at the right time.

Shock is the first step in grief and is paired with the potential for denial, followed by anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance.  In Human Design we see that the eventual acceptance of shock is either a deepening of your connection to your Higher Purpose and to Source or a disconnect from purpose and Source.

These energies, if not healed and nurtured appropriately, can impact your sense of self-worth, further spinning you out into experiencing breeches in physical, resource, identity, moral or energetic integrity and they can alter the direction of your life, causing you to get stuck in the trauma from the fear of experiencing the shocking event again.

We are all experiencing a more drawn-out version of shock and initiation.  Over the course of this year, all of our lives have unravelled.  (Yes, even you introverts who think lockdown is heaven!). What was known and predictable has become murky and we don’t really know how the next part of our story will unfold.

Shock is not an energy that is designed to be sustainable.  It gives us a short term surge of energy and followed by a need to rest and nurture ourselves.  I talked about that in detail last week but I’m posting it here to remind you that it’s normal to not have the emotional and psychological bandwidth that you normally have.  It’s been a looooooooong year so far…

But shock is also a teacher.  Shock can initiate us into the bigger picture and the role we play in the unfolding of something more aligned with our Higher Purpose and principles.  This week I encourage you to take stock of what you’ve learned this year.

For many of us, this year has taught us to be present to the current moment – mostly because we usually have NO CLUE about what the next twist in the plot line will bring. That being said, Mercury, Venus and Mars are giving us a personal and relationship “trifecta” of themes that is gently reminding us to be patient with each other, be present and to let the bigger meaning unfold.

The outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto set the stage for the collective experience of this pandemic.


Saturn and Jupiter:

Saturn and Jupiter dance together. The energy of Saturn brings us a challenge, which when mastered, is rewarded by the energy of Jupiter. Both Jupiter and Saturn highlight the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder.

The question “why” is often the most unanswerable question if we only see the answer through the in-the-moment small perspective.  The Gate 61 invites us to take a step back and cultivate the ability to see purpose in a bigger perspective that transcends the smaller details of an experience or event.

The Gate 61 also encourages us to sustain our ability to stay in a state of innocence and delusional confidence as a way of sustaining the power of our creativity and possibility thinking.  We will find the elegant solutions necessary to the challenges facing us when we stay in a state of wonder.

The challenge here is to not fall into small perspectives and to let bitterness rule our mindset.  When we can maintain our sense of wonder, our reward is an exponential increase in our creative power.



Uranus, the planet of awakening (and the third retrograde planet!), is in the Gate 24, the Gate of Blessings.  This Gate is the electro-magnetic to the Gate 61, completing the Channel of Perspective and because of it’s retrograde station, we are contemplating and integrating this vital theme.

Uranus is teaching us that when we stay grateful for what is working, for what we do have the the lessons our experiences are teaching us, we are able to find the Grace in the moment and not let despair overwhelm us – and also stop our quest for creative solutions.

The challenge is to not resist bigger perspectives that lock us into a micro-perspective that limits the potential of our creative power.



Neptune (also retrograde!), the planet of our spiritual connection, is in the Gate 22, the Gate of Surrender.  We are learning to let go of the things we can’t control and to influence the things we can control by regulating our emotional response and holding an emotional frequency of faith and expectations that everything is unfolding perfectly.

The Gate 22 teaches us to trust that our passions and deepest desires are supported by the Universal flow of abundance. We must have the courage to follow our passion and know that we’ll be supported, no matter how it looks in the moment.   



Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth and cycles of renewal and transformation. Pluto forces us to reckon with what has come before, often causing us to undergo a catharsis of sorts before we can move forward.

Pluto is in the Gate 61, the Gate of Wonder. The Gate 61 gives us the ability to see purpose in a bigger perspective that transcends the smaller details of an experience or event. It brings us the energy and the ability to stay in a state of innocence and delusional confidence as a way of sustaining powerful creativity.

We will need a certain amount of “magical thinking” to get us through this experience.

This doesn’t mean that we should ACT with delusional confidence, but rather we should THINK with delusional confidence, DREAM with delusional confidence and SEE an abundant outcome with delusional confidence. We don’t have to have the answers and the “how” to what’s next.

The next right step will reveal itself as long as we are aligned, have a clear vision of what we want and where we’re headed and we’re willing to be present to the solutions when they present themselves – which will happen if we’re not blinded and deafened by fear.



With Kiron, the planet that has the potential to bring us our collective healing, in the Gate 17, the Gate of Anticipation (and also opinions), we are learning to see opinions as creative openings and possibilities but also remembering that opinions are not facts.

Kiron is the learning curve that keeps on curving.  In other words, this powerful energy brings us the same lesson in different disguises over and over again.  With an overarching theme of Truth in this second cycle of the Coronavirus, we are learning to discern truth and being aware that there are many different points of view.

Our challenge is to learn how to collaborate in a unified direction in spite of our differences and to find the potential in the many and varied points of view we encounter.  We may have to decide that collaborating is more productive than being “right”.

In summary, the planets are reminding us to be patient, to be present, to be open-minded and to wait for the bigger perspective to unfold.  We are being challenged to be kind to ourselves and each other and to find healthy and meaningful ways to endure and sustain our energy as we navigate through the next unpredictable cycle of what’s ahead.

The transits also promise to turn our awareness to the following two themes as we continue to dismantle old systems that no longer serve us and that fail to reflect the true value of life:


  1. We are redefining the relationships between power and money.
  2. We are laying the foundation of a Quantum Economy.


In order to change our relationship money and power and lay the foundation of a new, more compassionate economy, we need the following:


  • Healthy People
  • Reframing Money and seeing it as Spirit in Action
  • Livable Wages
  • A Conscious Global Economy
  • Eco-Centric versus Ego-Centric Decision Makers and Leaders
  • Sustainable practices that take care of our resources
  • Land Stewardship
  • Quantum Creativity that transcends the limits of our old ways of thinking


As we move forward into 2021 and begin the process of healing and dealing from the aftermath of this past year, we are preparing to enter a cycle of rebirth and renewal.  Nothing will be the same as before but, the good news is, it has the potential to be much, much better.

We are working towards creating a world of equitable, sustainable, just peace, but we have to finish up and clear our old patterns and deepen our trust and faith in the impossible and Source.  The more we learn to let go and let the right next step reveal itself, the more we embrace our own value and the value of others, the more we are in integrity with ourselves and the world, the faster we will begin to see the changes we dream of.


Take good care of yourselves!


From my Heart to Yours,
Karen Curry Parker


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