Human Design Activation Guide By Karen Curry Parker

Leading human design expert and author Karen Curry Parker explains how you can use her book, Human Design Activation Guide, to bring out the best of who you are and live your best life in this video.

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Hi, Karen Parker here, I wanted to take a couple of minutes and talk to you about my book, The Human Design Activation Guide. I’ve been teaching human design for 21 years, and many of you might know me from my book, Understanding Human Design, which was the first human design book that I published. That book is a really great in depth book about human design. And, and if you love human design, and you are passionate, and you want to know about all those little gates, and all the little nuances of the circuitry, and all the complexities of human design mean, that’s a really good book for you to go deep into human design. But what I found in using human design with my clients, and for when I was doing readings for people, when they were wanting to learn more about their human design was that they they didn’t want all that information, they got overwhelmed by the depth of what was in that book. And so I decided to write the Human Design activation guide, because it’s a really simple, easy guide for you to grab, skim through and learn about the most important parts, the basic parts of your chart that if you understand those parts are going to give you great opportunities to grow and explore living more authentically more aligned with who you are. This book, this one’s the colored version, and it comes in the color version, I strongly recommend that you get the color version because the chart itself is in color. And so it’s going to kind of help you unravel and understand what those colors mean in your chart. It gives you just a simple understanding of what the parts of the chart are, what your human design type is here to do. The purpose of your human design type, the purpose of the emotional themes of your type, and how you can use that basic understanding to live your best life. The other cool part about it is is not just about your chart, because what happens is when people learn about their chart, they usually then want to run their chart for their partners and their lovers and their children and their parents. This will give you a good way to understand the people in your life too in a in a very simple, easy to follow quick to read format that will help you learn how to bring out the best of who you are using your human design.

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