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Hi, I’m Michele Vandepas. From the matrix dot world, and you probably know Karen Parker, my cohort and business partner and soul sister over on the matrix that world. And we were talking this morning about goal setting and to do lists and how do you get stuff done? What’s the timing and all of those things? So we’re going to have a quick discussion about that and share a few views. So what do you think Karen is the number one reason people don’t actually get their to do list done or their goals? Accomplished? Okay, so you’re not gonna like my answer. Most people don’t like my answer. But I think it’s really, really important. As counterintuitive as it sounds, the key to transformation, the key to actually following through and making the change is consistency. You know, if you think about going to the gym, and if you say, Okay, I’m gonna go to the gym, and I’m gonna get fit, and you go, we have one Saturday, every month, and you’re still you know, in the mirror, looking at your belly going, Well, I’m working out what’s happening, this isn’t working, you’re not actually really having enough consistency to see the change, you’re not gonna get to that goal. If you wake up on January 1, and like, Okay, today, I’m gonna do it, and you haven’t laid the foundation of consistency, to get yourself to that place. And before you freak out about, oh, my God, that means I’m gonna have a boring habit, and what if I can’t stick to the habit? And what if I’m not in the mood, or what if I don’t have the energy, or what if you know, my kid throws up that day, or the dog is sick or whatever, it’s not so much. I mean, obviously, I think having good habits that support your mindset, that support your abundance, consciousness, that support you making sure that you are allowing yourself to stand in your value, because oftentimes, there’s a really direct relationship between transformation in your sense of value. It’s really more about making sure that you have cultivated for yourself some kind of practice, and it’s gonna be different for each and every one of you, that supports you in focusing. And as much as I go, I hate this because, you know, my, my more, my more bitter, jaded, creative side doesn’t like this. The biggest thing you can do right now, especially before you start really getting into full action mode in January, is start noticing, focusing on the things that are working in your business right now. Pay attention and pay attention with gratitude. Gratitude is focused with heart and what happens when we do gratitude is we are looking at what’s working, and we’re putting energy towards it. And it really Yes, go ahead, jump in. I just I just want to really hear that gratitude is focus with heart. Yes.

Karen Parker 

Yes, I think because it is. And when we look at first of all, when we look at focus from a quantum physics perspective, what we know from quantum physics is perspective actually changes the movement of subatomic particles. This is why, you know, Einstein said that, that, you know, everything is relative, it’s relative to your perspective, okay?


When you are, when you are harnessing perspective through focus, meaning you’re paying attention, and then adding an emotional component to it, that’s the heart piece. from a human perspective. First of all, what you’re doing is you’re actually calibrating the electromagnetic resonance field of your heart, which is an attractive force, that law of attraction thing we talked about. It’s real, and it’s measurable, and it’s magnetic, and it’s rooted in your heart. So when you begin a practice of gratitude, you’re actually taking photons light, you’re creating photon storm in your brain, that photon storm is then activating the production of neurotransmitters, those neurotransmitters then create an emotional response. And hopefully, if you’re doing gratitude, it’s a good emotional response. That’s elevating the frequency of your energy and that frequency is then calibrating that electromagnetic resonance field of your heart. And you begin to pull into your reality, things that are supportive of you actually manifesting your goal.

Karen Parker 

I really liked that and I think the takeaway for me on this is going to be when you are are in resonance with your heart in gratitude, enjoying what you’re doing, you have more focus, because you’re more willing to put your energy there. So it’s a self fulfilling prophecy, right? And the more focus you have, the more you will get things done. And you’ll correct me in more ease and with more joy and with more love, and with more gratitude, and more money, let’s face it, internet money as a metaphor we use for support, right. So just one other piece that I want to add to that is, the brain is highly plastic. And this I mean, this other reason why habits and patterns and rituals and consistency is so important. What research shows is that even within one hour, if you have duplicated thoughts within an hour, you actually begin to build what’s called a neural pathway or a streamlined path that energy can flow through in your brain. And that you can, because your brain is still a finite resource, the more you build those good neural pathways, the more those others begin to atrophy. And so if you are in a habit of going, Oh, my God, this isn’t working. Oh, my God, I don’t have enough time. Oh, my God, what am I gonna squeeze this then? Oh, my God, why is this you know, the more you’re into that you’ve built those consistent thought highways, you know, and you then say, Okay, I gotta interrupt this, this is a terrible highway to be riding on the highway to hell, right? I’m now going to start building a new highway. And it really doesn’t take as much effort as I think we used to think it was did in the past, there’s science that shows, you know, repeated thoughts over the course of an hour already begin to change and your other stuff starts to atrophy. But it does take practice, you have to practice having a different set of thoughts around the joy and the fulfillment of the intentions that you’re setting.


So go in with gratitude, go in with heart, and heart.

Karen Parker 

And you’ll get your stuff done. Right. So that’s it for our Quick Tip. Today. I want to invite people to join us over on the matrix because we are doing this together on a weekly basis. So make the matrix start world. Karen, thanks so much for the tip.


And I’m grateful for you and let’s focus on having a great week. Yay.


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