The world is full of messages that come to us in ways we don’t always expect. It may be a butterfly that reminds you of your grandmother. Sometimes, it’s a close call on the drive home from work that reminds you to reach out to an old friend. Author Gary Lee Christensen is one person who has received messages such as these in unexpected ways and his new book explores his extraterrestrial connection. 

 Being Ogalala Lakota, Gary Lee Christensen has always felt a deep connection to Nature and alternate dimensions, universes, and reality. This connection is intimately tied to his Native American heritage. Through this connection, he has been able to foster an extraterrestrial connection and channel messages from the Wic’ahpi Oyate, Star Nations- extraterrestrial beings.

Christensen has been receiving these messages and communication since his earliest memories. His newly published book, “The Star Nation Messages: An Invitation for Humanity to Evolve”, is a documentation of the wisdom he has received. Recounting a journey towards deeper understanding of spirituality and humanity, he tells stories of visions and encounters with spiritual entities within the natural world.

 “The Star Nation Messages”, by Gary Lee Christensen, is now available for purchase and can be bought both as a paperback or e-book. It is a thought-provoking story of channeled messages, spiritual encounters, and extraterrestrial contact that will challenge the way you view the world around you. Get your hands on a copy here, and don’t forget to leave a review after you read! 

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