Writing a book is beneficial for more than just your normal fiction author or traditional novel enthusiast. In fact, publishing a book can be one of the most advantageous steps for business owners and entrepreneurs. So, how exactly can an entrepreneur benefit from writing a book?

Podcast host Sandeep Mallya is joined by Michelle Vandepas on his podcast, “Marketing Mantra”. In this episode, Michelle helps shed a light on just how helpful a book can be for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, she shares some practical tips on how to jump start the process and integrate your book into your business model. Michelle has made her career helping people write and publish books to help them grow their personal or business brand, and therefore is one of the most qualified individuals to speak on this topic. 

Sandeep Mallya is an entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant from Bangalore, India. He founded his own digital agency, Startup Cafe Digital, and now shares resources about all things marketing, entrepreneurship, and business on his podcast. Join him and Michelle in this insightful conversation here, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Don’t forget to follow him and GracePoint Publishing on all of their social medias listed below to stay in the loop with everything we have going on!

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