How does your message contribute to the  healing, transformation or sustainability of the planet?


writing a book

Tips For Writing a Book

Michelle joins Jay Owen on his podcast to share her best tips and tricks for writing a book to help you produce the best work you can!

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market your genius

Leveraging Your Book For Leads

Michelle joins Nikki Nash on her podcast to discuss how writing a book is fundamental for your business! Learn how to write your first non-fiction book, market successfully, and leverage your book to generate leads and business growth.

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Extraterrestrial Connection: “The Star Nation Messages”

Gary Lee Christensen’s new book explores the world of channeled messages and another world altogether- that of extraterrestrial life. Through his deep connections to his Native American heritage, he shares a message from the Wic’ahpi Oyate, The Star Nations, designed to challenge humanity and our perception of spirituality.

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