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The Quantum Human by Karen Curry Parker
What an amazing way to close out the second season of The GracePoint Publishing Podcast. Today, Michelle Vandepas is joined by Karen Curry Parker to talk about Karen’s latest book that was just released in audiobook form, The Quantum Human. In addition to being a bestselling author and the creator of Quantum Human Design, Karen is also the co-founder of GracePoint Publishing, along with Michelle. When we have the two founders of our company on the show, you know it’s going to be powerful, insightful, groundbreaking, and world-changing.
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Amplify Episode 5 – You Are As Creative As You Tell Yourself You Are
We live in a culture that has a tiny definition of what it means to be “creative.”  We associate creativity with paint, passion, and pain.  We think of “creatives” as those who can make things pretty, create true works of art, and transform the mundane into the extraordinary.
Amplify Episode 4 – One of the Greatest Challenges You Face as a Creative
Which inspirations do you follow and which ones do you set down and allow to go fallow? Creativity and creative expression requires that we vet our inspiration. If you follow every single idea that sparks in your brilliant mind, you run the risk of spending a lifetime running after inspiration after inspiration, never really holding true to the energy of an idea for long enough to take the expression of the idea from inspiration to fulfillment and from talent to mastery.
Amplify Episode 3 – Dancing On The Slipstreams Of Photons
To change the world, we must be the change we wish to see. This idea is derived from the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi but it's an idea that's rooted in quantum physics. We create in the world by virtue of our resonance. The stories we tell and the narratives  we hold both personally and collectively program the energy streams of possibilities and potential. This programming organizes all of the potentials related to the story you're telling and forms a field of information that eventually manifests in your life. How will you begin to dance on your slipstream of photons?
Amplify Episode 1 – Welcome to Amplify!
Welcome to our very first episode of Amplify! Do you have an idea? Not sure what your next inspired step is? Let's talk about what the next right step is for you to get your voice out into the world.