Build Your Audience

in the way that is right for you 
(there is no one way fits all solution)

Woman speaking at a conference

You are called
You have a mission
You know you have to ‘get out there’

But how? 
Social, Blogging, Speaking, Webinars, Podcasts.  Ugh. I’m exhausted just reading my own list!

The world is crazy, so much to do, so many things the gurus say we must do, email lists, social, speaking, podcasting.
How do you choose which one is right for you?
In this short, easy to follow report, you’ll be able to discern what is yours to do, and which you can let go of, without sacrificing your dream.
We know you have to follow your purpose, your mission, but with your style and your intuitive sense of what is right for you. Our report will help you.

We Believe in You, We’ve got your back.

Michelle Vandepas is an entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, coach and co-founder of GracePoint Publishing. She passionately believes that living your purpose and making the world a better place are inextricably intertwined. By harnessing the power of your creativity and using it to live your purpose, you are making a conscious effort to live a full life, one in which you can be proud of . Whether it be through writing, drawing, speaking, dancing, or any other form of expression, Michelle urges everyone to live their purpose and not die with their creativity or their message still inside them.

There is both a myth and a truth around the typical advice given “Just follow your joy.” You may feel fear, confusion, or uncertainty instead of joy when you identify your next step. Building your platform should be fun, and lead to sharing your mission, message and purpose with the world.

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