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Scholarships of various types will be awarded to everyone who submits before November 20, 2020*



We want to hear about your message. It might be an idea for a podcast, course, program, or speech. We publish in various forms (although books are our #1 method of publishing, we also produce speakers, podcasts and courses, and help the authors package and promote their offerings.)  We also take a few books per year on a traditional publishing model – you send us your manuscript and we take it from there!  

 *We are offering various scholarships right now as we know it’s time for Quantum Living, and we can help you get your message out to the world. These scholarships might include coaching, manuscript reviews, coupons toward packages and and a scholarship toward a specific publishing or marketing package. No monetary scholarships or cash awards will be offered. The offerings have a value from $50 – $5K, so please submit!

We will give your idea and submission the utmost respect and consideration. Please include your email and also your phone number so we may call you directly and let you know what level of scholarship our board has awarded you.

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