Get Your First Draft Manuscript  – Done!

Is your book idea languishing in the shadows of fear, uncertainty and procrastination?

Our Manuscript Accelerator Program is exactly the program that guides you toward completion. In just five months, you’ll witness your ideas evolving into your manuscript, all set for the next stage of its journey.

Join Michelle (co-founder of GracePoint Publishing) and the book coaching team and within a few short months you’ll be holding your manuscript. Michelle has meticulously designed the program to bring your manuscript dreams to life with writing prompts, accountability, and one to one coaching support. Imagine holding your very own first draft, ready for the next steps, perhaps in the hands of an editor, publisher, or eager readers.

The thing that I am clear on is that there is something I am created to do that no one else in the world was created to do and I truly remember that when I’m working with Michelle. She is the portal for me to do that. When you work with Michelle you have a partner in completing what your life’s work is.
Lindsay Wilson

Why now? Why this program?

I get it. Before I published my first book I thought about it for years. The nudging would come in the shower, or when I was walking, and then BOOM I woke up one day and said, it’s now or never. I’ve since written four more books, and none of them have been easy. I designed this program for what I would have needed (and I’m going through it with you, so I’m also working on a manuscript!).  Maybe you’re like me and have had a thought, download or inspiration for years and now it’s time.

Maybe you’ve already written a book, and it’s time for the next one, and maybe, you just want to explore if you’ve got something to say.
Whatever your dreams, this program, with my personal mentoring and guidance, is guaranteed (YES!) to get you a first draft manuscript within five short months

Say Goodbye to Procrastination!

Bid farewell to procrastination and embrace the power of accountability. Our program not only motivates you to stay on track but propels you to take consistent, purposeful action towards your writing goals.

Create your Book Structure (Outline)

Organizing thoughts can be an arduous task. With Manuscript Accelerator, you’ll gain invaluable insights into structuring your book effectively. We’ll empower you to weave a seamless narrative that captivates your readers from start to finish.

Accountability and Community

Our accountability coach eagerly awaits your progress. Send in your work, and our coach will provide constructive feedback, steering you back on course whenever needed.

Personal Guidance

Your journey begins with a personalized touch. Michelle, your writing mentor, will kick-start the program with a comprehensive 30-minute consultation over Zoom. Together, you’ll delve into your aspirations and outline a roadmap tailored to your unique writing journey.

Interactive Calls (and writing time!)

Weekly calls and twice weekly dedicated writing sessions form the backbone of our program. These interactive sessions provide you with the tools, techniques, and inspiration needed to stay in the writing flow and surmount any obstacles. Goodbye writers block!

Editing, Publishing, Marketing and Reach!

Publishing can be a maze, but fear not! Our program guides you through the intricate process, and will guide you to the next steps to publishing (self publishing, finding an agent, or working with GracePoint are all included), ensuring you’re well-prepared for the next steps after completing your manuscript.

The Reward of Completion

 In just five months, you’ll be holding your first draft manuscript, a testament to your dedication and growth. We’re so confident in the power of this program that we offer a money-back guarantee—yes, you read that right! As long as you put in the effort, we promise you’ll have a manuscript ready for the next stage.

Upgrade Your Journey

Are you ready to take your manuscript to the next level? Discover the option to upgrade to a program that includes your very own personal editor. Polish your manuscript to perfection and confidently step into the world of publishing.

Unleash Your Manuscript’s Potential

Don’t let your manuscript remain a mere dream. With Manuscript Accelerator, it’s time to unleash its full potential. Transform your ideas into a tangible manuscript that leaves a lasting impression. Join our program today and become a wordsmith with the world at your fingertips.

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Imagine holding your manuscript in just a few months …

Michelle has been there, done that,
and is doing it again.

Michelle here, and I’m the first one to stay writing sucks. I’m not one of those people who sits down to write every day. I don’t love the process and I don’t consider myself a writer.

However, I know that my books give me credibility, internal and external confidence and each has up leveled me in their own ways. I’ve written five books and I’m joining you in this journey. I’m also committed to writing my next first draft during this process. I promise you it may not be easy; however, you’ve done hard things before.

One of my favorite quotes goes something like this:

Yes you work hard, but do you do the hard work?

Lets do the hard work together.

You are amazing Michelle!! The juices are flowing passionately tonight, as I stir the embers within for my next steps. I thank you… from the bottom of my Soul…. for your generous input, astute listening, and your creative ideas! You are brilliant, and I know I’ll be executing our conversation quickly. The river is running through me tonight. I’m deeply grateful for how masterfully you guided me. Thank you!!
Lori Santo


Valued At: $295.00

Valued At: $500.00

Manuscript Accelerator
Five-Month Group Program

If you were to hire a private book coach it might cost you between $8,000 and $12,000 or even more.  This program will allow you to take it step by step (eating the elephant one bite at a time!) and finish one step before you even consider the next one.

Getting small wins (and BIG wins!) is a key component of feeling success. When you have your draft finished you’ll not only feel the success, but you’ll be ready to consider next steps.

Five easy payments $995
or Full Pay $4975

Embark on an extraordinary  journey with our exclusive five-month group program, meticulously designed to bring your manuscript dreams to life. Imagine holding your very own first draft, ready to shine in the hands of an editor, publisher, or eager readers. This program is guaranteed or your money back! **

** The fine print: You agree to do the writing assigned and to communicate with us as you write through the program (don’t worry, we will push and cheerlead you, and give you tools and strategy to write with your style in mind). We agree to coach, consult and guide you through the program. We can’t come through the innerwebs and force your fingers to keyboard, however we will hold you accountable to yourself and your fellow writers.

JoAnn Levit

Agalia Baker

I love to write, teach and share my message of the other 3 R’s Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. But, the idea of getting my message out there to the people who need and want it, leaves me baffled. Michelle has maximized her experience and training to figure out a system that works. It really uses the community model where we all learn from one leader and then jump in and help each other. She walks the walk and talks the talk and takes us along with her. Each one of us enjoys the support and success of each other. Thanks, Michelle for the important work you do to help frustrated authors turn into rich and well-known authors.
Judy Wright

The best thing about working with Michelle was her dedication to her clients, her amazing staff, she follow through with what she tells you she will do, she’s on time, keeps you focused, you feel she wants you to succeed, she is more than a “coach”, she takes pride in your growth. I was reluctant to work with Michelle I did not want to spend more monies on coaching and not getting the results I had hoped for. The results I got from working with Michelle were my book hit #3 on Amazon, radio interviews, amazing web page, great video’s, knowledge in SEO and other marketing issues I did not know anything about before. I’d recommend Michelle for anyone wanting to grow their business.
Anita Telle

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