The Stardreamer

Follow the journeys of a young boy, Jason, through Stargates to the star system of Sirius. He learns what is required of him to fully understand what it means to be a Golden Dolphin in this Golden Age of the New Millennium.

There he meets a master magician named Bwanazarias who guides Jason to stone temples where he encounters angels, dragons, mermaids, faeries, and the mysterious Shining Ones.

Explore the beautiful illustrations of James Jereb and let them ignite the imagination of young and old alike.


The Stardreamer Oracle Card Deck

The Stargate, a traditional shamanic tool, has been used in diverse cultures from ancient times as a gateway to other dimensions and star systems. It's a tool of psychic expansion for enhanced mental and intuitive acuity and for integral healing.

For this oracle deck, James Jereb, a visionary artist, has created twenty-seven vibrant paintings (the number itself signified initiation, transformation, and mastery): five stargates, twelve doorways, and ten masters. These energizing images are based on Native American, Egyptian, Celtic, Maya, and Asian traditions, among others. They are accompanied by a book, Initiation to the Stars, that provides direction for using the cards, the symbolism of the elements in the paintings, activation words for each image, and guidance for meditation on each image.