Take your inspired idea all the way to a published book!

You have a message to share, and if you are like us, you want to heal, transform or inspire to make the world a better place.  It’s more important NOW to get your message out into the world.  Join us, Karen Curry  Parker and Michelle Vandepas for an hour of myth busting, inspiration and questions answered, (and a chance to submit your book idea or manuscript to GracePoint Publishing)!

Does the process of writing and publishing  have you feeling overwhelmed and full of questions? Should you self-publish? Traditional publish? What should you write? How do you sell your book? Who does the cover design? Formatting? E-book?? Editing?????  

Getting your book from inspiration to publication could be simple. With over 60 years of combined experience in publishing, we want to share the secrets to becoming a published author and explode the myths and mystique of writing. No cost, no obligation. Just fun, facts and truth telling about publishing. 

Sunday October 18, 6 MT (8 ET) RECORDED (but you must be registered!)

Join us!

Michelle and Karen (pre-covid hug)

You’ve got a vision of your book changing the world.

You keep waking up worrying that you don’t have the time, the money, the confidence, the courage, the ability to write, the smarts to figure it all out…

Besides…who wants to listen to you anyway…

You know it’s time.

It. Is. Time.