How does your message contribute to the  healing, transformation or sustainability of the planet?

GracePoint Publishing works with Human Design, New Economy, Quantum Thought, Inspirational, and Health and Wellness We focus on inspirational non-fiction, business, and personal development and we also have a faith-based press. We will help you discern and publish your book, speech, course, podcast, or video series (or all of them!)

Do you have a idea
ready to be birthed?

We started a new model–Collaborative, Partnership Publishing: and work with our authors to bring their books and projects to market for a win/win solution for both author and publisher.

We are a full-service publishing company and we can take you from idea through publishing and then on to marketing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve started your book yet, or have a full manuscript ready to go, we’d love to talk and see how we might collaborate!

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