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GracePoint Matrix, LLC was founded by Michelle Vandepas and Karen Parker to help usher in a new consciousness of purpose, mission, and sustainability of our planet and the human race. We honor the right of every human to be treated with dignity and to make a difference in the world.  GPM  is the umbrella company for GracePoint Publishing, Understanding Human Design, The Matrix.world and Quantum Living.  We manage ten websites, two online stores, five publishing presses and a membership site.  We offer coaching, products and services to support our clients in sharing their purpose and mission out into the world. Our sensibility is simple but elegant, reaching a wide variety of people with all sorts of belief systems and identifications.  (Astrology to ET’s to Christian). Everyone is welcome.

All our team members (contract and employees, support the GracePoint publishing clients and work as a team player in a busy publishing (remote) office.  They bring a wide variety of skills to the table and is highly organized and detail-oriented. They must have the ability to multitask in a professional atmosphere and have great verbal and written communication skills with a desire to learn and grow.

Dec 18:  Currently looking for someone who loves to read and has proofreading experience.  

Please download this Proofreading Sample for GracePoint Publishing and then submit your proofreading comments back with your submission.  We are reviewing over the holidays and will be in touch soon.

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