GracePoint Services

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Manuscript Review

Our senior editors will review your manuscript for a developmental structure, tone, voice and editorial content.

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Publish My Book

We will take your edited manuscript, provide you with a final proof, and turn it into your masterpiece of a book!

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Write, Launch, & Market My Book

Our professionals can help you write, publish, distribute, and market your book to a larger audience. 

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Signature Talk

Join us for this 8 week course to learn how to outline, write (with your coach), video record, and publish your story today!

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Amplify Group Coaching

You were born for a unique purpose, to use your creative calling to make a difference in the world.

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Amplify VIP Program

In our VIP Mastermind you’ll Amplify your message, audience and Impact!

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Podcasts and Audio Books

This Podcast, Microcast, and Audio Book program is perfect for the creator looking to build their platform to help amplify and broadcast their message.

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GracePoint School

We would love to have you join us for some of our FREE and paid courses at our GracePoint School.

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VIP & Private Sessions

VIP One on One Sessions are available for many areas of publishing – whether it’s marketing, business, or just general publishing help, we have you covered!

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online & printed card deck development

We will help you brainstorm, create, layout, and upload your card deck. It will be available online and in printed form.

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