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We are glad you have decided to work with us.
Karen, Michelle and the team will take great care of your message and your vision. Here are the top programs from GracePoint.

We have a lot to offer. If you aren’t sure where to start, please connect with us here.

Podcasts and Audio Books

This Podcast, Microcast, and Audio Book program is perfect for the creator looking to build their platform to help amplify and broadcast their message.

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Manuscript Review

Our senior editors will review your manuscript for a developmental structure, tone, voice and editorial content.

Get started with scheduling and submitting your manuscript for review.

Your Transformational Book

You will be held gently and with grace as you work with the senior book coaches and editors to write your book. This program includes virtual writing retreats (with an option to come in person), community days, all the Q & A and accountability you will ever need, and complete editing and publishing. Learn more here.

Publishing Certification

In this program you will become a certified book and publishing consultant. 

Most people will finish in eight months but you can take twelve to complete.

Self paced plus group and private sessions

$10K  click here for details and to enroll!

Book or Platform and Business Coaching

Be coached from one of our certified publishing consultants.  Thirty sessions of 30 minutes each. Sign up here


Signature Talk

Join us for this 8 week course to learn how to outline, write (with your coach), video record, and publish your story today!

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Get your first draft done!

Is your book idea languishing in the shadows of fear, uncertainty and procrastination? Our Manuscript Accelerator Program is exactly the program that guides you toward completion. In just five months, you’ll witness your ideas evolving into your manuscript, all set for the next stage of its journey.

GracePoint School and Resources

We would love to have you join us for our courses at our GracePoint School. Click to enroll!

Publishing Workshop

  • Two days of publishing training and Q & A in person or via zoom  Tickets here:

Custom Program (publish, market etc)

Choose this if you have your customized program confirmed in an agreement or email. 

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Need Consulting?

  • Book a VIP time for consulting. Marketing, publishing, launches and platform building can be discussed. This is your time to ask questions and plan. Schedule here.