What is the price of my book?

We don’t always make that decision that right away. It depends on many things: word count, page count, format (e-book vs paperback), inside printing (standard black and white vs color), paper quality, the price of other books in the same genre. A typical non-fiction book sells for between $12.95 and $19.95 retail.

What kind of books does GracePoint publish?

Our mission is to give people a voice who otherwise may not have access to publishing. If you have a message or mission that in some way has the intent of improving people through increasing their quality of life, shifting their well-being, or helping them find ways to grow and connect to a deeper sense of who they are, then we have a place for you.

We specialize in subjects such as Human Design, New Economy, Quantum Thought, Inspirational, and Health and Wellness. We focus on inspirational non-fiction, business, and personal development and also have a faith-based press. We selectively publish inspirational fiction, young adult fiction and children’s books. You can see our presses and the books we have published in our bookstore.

In addition to books, ebooks and audio books, we produce podcasts, videos and courses.

Will my book be a blockbuster or rank on a best-selling list?

Before we talk about the definition of a best-selling book, we believe you as the author have to connect with the intention your book. You might be writing a book for one of these reasons:

  • as a calling card for your business
  • as lead generation for your high-end services
  • to establish credibility for your speaking career
  • to reach people who can be helped by knowing your story

In that context, success is a book that reaches your target audience and helps you convert people from the experience of reading your book into buying your product or service. Success does not always equal best-seller.

The truth is there are ways in which people engineer their pathway to becoming best-selling authors, to be ranked as such with the gold-standard New York Times, that don’t necessarily mean that they’ve sold a whole lot of books. Sometimes it’s a great book selling over 7,000 copies a week organically and sometimes there is someone behind the scenes making that happen with a sizeable investment of time, resources and money.

In some ways the same is true with Amazon – that there are ways to get the best-seller badge even if you haven’t sold hundreds of books. If that is a goal for you, we can partner with you to make it happen.

Who owns the rights to the book?

When you partner with a publisher, the publisher has the right to take that material and package it into a book and market it. The publisher always gets exclusive rights to do that, because you can’t have the same exact material published in two different places as that would violate copyright law right. The clearest representation of that is the ISBN on the copyright page.

This protects you and us because it means no one else can take and use the content. As publishers, it is our role to defend you against plagiarism.

You own your intellectual property. You can rewrite it, put it in a course, speak about it, even do another book on the same subject matter.

What is GracePoint Publishing’s Rights and Permission Policy?

GracePoint Publishing grants permission for individuals to use short quotes (three sentences or less) from our published books for non-commercial use. All short quotes used must be properly cited. In addition, only one short quote from each book we have published may be used (for example, an individual cannot take multiple short quotes from one specific book and republish said quotes, this would fall outside of our policy).

Anything that an individual would like to use beyond a properly cited short quote as defined above must receive written permission from GracePoint Publishing. 

For information on requesting permission for commercial reuse, for reuse that extends past our written policy, or if you are an Author looking to reproduce a portion of your book for marketing and promotional uses, please contact admin@gracepointpublishing.com

What if I want to purchase copies of my own book?

As a published author you get 5 copies of your book for your own use. Our contract allows you to buy additional books at wholesale if you have a resale license. We don’t know the exact cost until a book goes to print, but wholesale books are usually about 50% of retail.

We have a Christian press, we have more esoteric presses, we have business presses, we have all kinds of different presses and we’re always growing and expanding to make sure that our entire platform really serves people in the experience and in the process of being really heard

Where will people be able to buy my book?

We distribute everywhere books are sold worldwide. That includes both online and bookstores. It can take a few weeks after your book launch to push it to all the channels. Eventually your book will be available not just on Amazon, but on all major online booksellers (like Barnes&Noble.com and Target.com). It will be available for purchase in bookstores worldwide – like Canada, Australia and Europe.

You may not see your book on the shelf at a large bookseller, but your readers will be able to ask them to order the book and they will get it through their regular distribution channels.

We also teach our authors how to approach local bookstores to get their books ordered so that they are in-stock for them as a local author and to host a book signing.

How many copies of my book will be sold?

There is no way to know how many copies of your book will sell through its published life. There is a correlation between the number of people who already know you and/or follow you and the number of books that will sell in the first few months. The average self-published author sells 200 copies of their book. We work with our authors developing a marketing plan to identify readers that aren’t already aware of you and sell thousands of copies of your book over its lifespan.

Publishing is expensive, am I going to make my investment back?

Each book is different. In most cases, our authors get 51% royalties which helps you recoup your investment faster. But the financial success of your book depends on what else happens because you are a published author. Especially for non-fiction authors, you will have other benefits like paid speaking engagements, more clients, higher enrollment in your courses, or credibility in your industry.

If you sell 300 books, but get several $5,000 speaking engagements or have 30 people buy your premiere service, that returns the investment in your book. We develop a done-with-you marketing plan to get slow and steady sales over the next few years after launch, so that the book continues to gain you exposure and momentum.