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How will you price my book?

We don’t always make that decision that right away. It depends on many things: word count, page count, format (e-book vs. paperback), inside printing (standard black and white vs. color), paper quality, the price of other books in the same genre. A typical non-fiction book sells for between $12.95 and $24.95 retail. We will research and price accordingly, including introductory launch pricing when appropriate.

How much will it cost for me to purchase my book?

We always recommend you keep some copies of your book on hand in the event of a last minute opportunity to sell or showcase them. We have seen authors offered speaking engagements or conference keynote opportunities that lead to them needing to pay rush shipping on books to sell or giveaway. Save yourself the rush shipping cost and always have a box tucked in your closet for emergencies.

Below is the sliding scale for author discounts applied at the point of purchase.

Copies PurchasedDiscount Applied
0 – 4 copiesNo Discount
5 – 29 copies25%  Discount
30 – 49 copies30%  Discount
50+ copies40%  Discount
What kind of books does GracePoint publish?

Our mission is to give people a voice who otherwise may not have access to publishing. If you have a message or mission that in some way has the intent of improving people through increasing their quality of life, shifting their well-being, or helping them find ways to grow and connect to a deeper sense of who they are, then we have a place for you.

We specialize in subjects such as Human Design, New Economy, Quantum Thought, Inspirational, and Health and Wellness. We focus on inspirational non-fiction, business, personal development, and also have a faith-based press. We selectively publish inspirational fiction, young adult fiction and children’s books. You can see our presses and the books we have published in our bookstore.

In addition to books, eBooks, and audio books, we produce podcasts, videos, and courses.

Will my book be a blockbuster or rank on a bestselling list?

Before we talk about the definition of a bestselling book, we believe you as the author have to connect with the intention of your book. You might be writing a book for one of these reasons:

  • as a calling card for your business
  • as lead generation for your high-end services
  • to establish credibility for your speaking career
  • to reach people who can be helped by knowing your story

In that context, success is a book that reaches your target audience and helps you convert people from the experience of reading your book into buying your product or service. Success does not always equal bestseller.

The truth is there are ways in which people engineer their pathway to becoming bestselling authors, to be ranked as such with the gold-standard New York Times, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve sold a lot of books. Sometimes it’s a great book selling over 7,000 copies a week organically and sometimes there is someone behind the scenes making that happen with a sizeable investment of time, resources, and money.

In some ways the same is true with Amazon – that there are ways to get the bestseller badge even if you haven’t sold hundreds of books. If that is a goal for you, we can partner with you to make it happen.

Who owns the rights to the book?

You own your intellectual property. You can rewrite it, put it in a course, speak about it, even do another book on the same subject matter. The copyright will be in your name.

When you partner with a publisher, the publisher has the right to take that material and package it into a book and market it. The publisher always gets exclusive rights to do that, because you can’t have the same exact material published in two different places as that would violate copyright law. The clearest representation of that is the ISBN on the copyright page.

This protects you and us because it means no one else can take and use the content. As publishers, it is our role to defend you against plagiarism.


What is GracePoint publishing’s rights and permission policy?

GracePoint Publishing grants permission for individuals to use short quotes (three sentences or less) from our published books for non-commercial use. All short quotes used must be properly cited. In addition, only one short quote from each book we have published may be used (for example, an individual cannot take multiple short quotes from one specific book and republish said quotes; this would fall outside of our policy).

Anything that an individual would like to use beyond a properly cited short quote as defined above must receive written permission from GracePoint Publishing.

For information on requesting permission for commercial reuse, for reuse that extends past our written policy, or if you are an author looking to reproduce a portion of your book for marketing and promotional uses, please contact admin@gracepointpublishing.com

What about movie and foreign rights?

GracePoint Publishing has a movie and foreign rights division. We actively seek ways to get your book out into the world. If you are already talking with movie or foreign rights agents, please let us know so we can adjust your agreements with us.

What if my writing isn't very good?

Ha ha! We feel you. First draft manuscripts are supposed to be just that, FIRST DRAFT. Don’t worry, that’s what a good editor is for. We work with you to write and edit the book so you feel proud of the book and ready to publish!

How do I get started with GracePoint?

We have a short quiz to help get you started, or you can book a call with us to find out your next steps.

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Can I work with you and self-publish?

Yes! Michelle started her career as a self-published author and has a lot to share about the pros and cons of self-publishing. We offer consultation packages that might include creating all your files.

I've already published my book, but would like to republish, what are the steps?

It depends upon your existing contracts and the ISBN. We have republished previous works and would love to talk with you about the options. If you send us a link to your book, we can start researching the best option for you.

How do you work with authors on cover design?

We always start by researching trends, talking with the author (we love collaboration), and getting a feel for the author and book style and energy. We ask for ideas and input from the author then we will come up with three sample covers. We will work with you to create a cover that you love AND will sell!

Which formats do you publish?

We create paperback, eBook, hardback, and audio books. We also work with authors on podcasting, flipbooks, and other types of promotional books.

I need an audio book, can you help?

Absolutely! Audio is growing rapidly and as an author we think you must have audio! Reach out to Mark our director for more information.

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How do you choose the imprint/press?

We have different imprints and each specializes in a specific genre. Human Design Press, Empower Press, and Peak Press are just a few of our imprints. We will choose the appropriate imprint for marketing purposes.

I already have a first draft manuscript, what are the next steps?

If you would like us to evaluate the manuscript, we do a throughout review for $1,000, which can save time and money in editing later.

If you decide to move forward with us, we take your 1K investment and move it into your package. Please go here for more information:

What marketing does GracePoint do?

We work as most traditional publishers do and offer expanded distribution, wholesale books to authors, book launch, inclusion in our catalog, foreign rights, and movie rights management. We might also include advertising, social media, press releases, review tours, and so forth if it’s appropriate to the book. Each book is a little different and we work with the authors to help promote their books.There are many ways to sell books and we work collaboratively with our authors.

Should I hire a PR agency?

We love PR, but we want to make sure it’s the right fit for you. Let’s ask the question: Do you need traditional PR and radio? Podcasting? IG reels or Booktok promotion? These days, PR is as varied as the types of books. Let’s discuss the right PR for your book.

What about movie and foreign rights?

We have a department that handles all of this for you! If you are already in negotiations, please let us know ASAP so we can adjust our agreements.