How does your message contribute to the  healing, transformation or sustainability of the planet?

GracePoint Publishing works with Human Design, New Economy, Quantum Thought,  Inspirational, and Health and Wellness  We focus on inspirational non-fiction, business, and personal development and we also have a faith-based press. We will help you discern and publish your book, speech, course, podcast or video series (or all of them!)

Do you have a idea ready to be birthed?

We started a new modelCollaborative, Partnership Publishing: and work with our authors to bring their books and projects to market for a win/win solution for both author and publisher.

We are a full-service publishing company and we can take you from idea through publishing and then on to marketing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve started your book yet, or have a full manuscript ready to go, we’d love to talk and see how we might collaborate!

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We are a traditional publisher with Library of Congress standing and ISBN Bank and work in the three modern models of publishing:

Hybrid publishing is a cross between traditional publishing and self-publishing. It offers the author an opportunity to be published but without the need for an agent or the long wait to work through an old fashioned system. It affords the author a greater share of the profits from their book sales than with a traditional publishing house while still maintaining the same ethical standards and practices. Both the author and the publisher invest time and money into the project.

With our traditional publishing model, we will heavily invest in the author and take on much of the financial burden. The royalties paid to the author are much lower than a hybrid model. GracePoint offers a few traditional publishing contracts per year in the fields of Quantum Healing,  Quantum Thought, and Human Design. To submit for consideration please include your book outline,  a sample chapter, and your proposal to include your prospective audience and marketing ideas.

There are times when it makes total sense for an author self publish. 100% control (and investment) also gives you 100% royalites. The time to use self-publishing is when you have a built-in audience and people you can sell your book to.  If you have a  large mailing list, opportunities to be in front of people as a speaker or on a summit, or if you have students or a program to sell, self-publishing might be your best option. We act as your publishing consultant,  so your book has the professional polish a publishing company can offer.

Judy Helm Wright “Pet Grief Coach”

You have a way of teaching that feels very approachable and open. Clients can feel comfortable knowing that what they share with you will stay with you unless they give permission to share. You come from a safe and non-judgmental place.

Gail Black

You helped me increase my earnings 100 fold in just a week! What a treasure you are!!!!

Damiano de Sano Iocovozzi

Your insight & helpfulness to work the new business of book-selling is phenomenal. I learned so much & I appreciate your guidance in this brave new world of showing the world what we’ve got to contribute. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sincerely


Michelle Vandepas and her team have made my books come alive. Captivating covers and a beautiful layout makes for a winning presentation.

Carl Bozeman

Michelle is about results! The information she shares and her instructive style strips away all unnecessary material and dives directly into powerful, useful tools that get results immediately. Everything she shares is current, specific and tested. Her interactive teaching approach allows you to participate in the actual application of the information she presents and see things begin to happen in real time. Michelle’s is a very innovative approach to disseminating specific criteria that is easily and quickly put to use.

Lori Randall Stradtman

Michelle has an understanding of Amazon that trumps anybody else’s I know. That’s why I nicknamed her the “Amazon Whisperer!” If you are selling a book online and need somebody to show you the ropes, don’t walk, but run to Michelle Vandepas.

Tanya Denckla Cobb

It was Michelle who introduced the idea of an online launch, what would need to be done to make the book a “best seller” in Amazon and gave support and guidance.  In other words, in this day and age, I’m not sure seeking a traditional publisher makes sense, so the effort that would be needed to find a traditional publisher would be better spent, most likely, in connecting with a small nimble publishing company that can help you with all elements of the publishing, including the marketing elements that will be needed, such as GracePoint Publishing. 

Donna Vessey

When I had my first consultation with Michelle, she emphasized that although she couldn’t guarantee that moving up the Amazon ranking system would sell a lot of books, we decided to give it a shot anyway and I hired Michelle. After a few days, I watched as my ranking improved and then went to #1 in my category! I was so excited. I did sell a few books, but being #1 has opened other opportunities, including local media coverage and being asked to do a book signing at our airport book store. Thank you Michelle, I’ll use you again on my next book.

Anita Telle

The best thing about working with Michelle was her dedication to her clients, her amazing staff, she follow through with what she tells you she will do, she’s on time, keeps you focused, you feel she wants you to succeed, she is more than a “coach”, she takes pride in your growth. I was reluctant to work with Michelle I did not want to spend more monies on coaching and not getting the results I had hoped for. The results I got from working with Michelle were my book hit #3 on Amazon, radio interviews, amazing web page, great video’s, knowledge in SEO and other marketing issues I did not know anything about before. I’d recommend Michelle for anyone wanting to grow their business.