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Everyone who orders my ‘How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author’ wants to publish their book. But only a fraction actually become a best-selling author. Usually, it’s the self-doubt and fear that holds them back. Sometimes, despite my best efforts in my program, they still see their book as too daunting. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to realize that writing books really isn’t that complicated.

My friends over at GracePoint publishing are offering you the opportunity to create your first draft book cover - for free!
During this free challenge you'll get super clear about your book synopsis,  who needs (and yearns) to read your book,  how you can set yourself apart as an author using your author bio,  create endorsements and test your title and subtitle It's wonderful to finally get clarity and see your book manifest right before your eyes! All in less than a week!

Create your Book Package Free Challenge

Join our free challenge and create your first draft book cover including

Learn about testing, and how the publishers choose a winning cover!

You will write your book – and you’ll accomplish it exactly the way you eat an elephant — one step at a time.

What stops you?

Regardless of what is holding you back, do not get stuck in “analysis paralysis.” Don’t spend too much time thinking and debating if your message is right or how you will promote it to your audience.

If you’re in that position right now – stuck – I have someone who can help you.


One of my favorite world-class book editors and author platform-building coaches — Michelle Vandepas and her good friend Karen  Curry  Parker — are in a great position to help. They’re offering a special opportunity to my clients who take action NOW.  Submit whatever writing you have from the draft of your book – as it is, no matter how unpolished, even if it’s not yet a manuscript – to be considered for a scholarship to their Write, Publish and Launch your Bestseller program for authors.

If you are serious about publishing your book in 2021 – Michelle, Karen and their team are the right partners for you.

I simply do not have the time to provide the valuable service I talk about in my ‘How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author’ when I tell you to get someone as smart as you, if not smarter than you, to read your book and give you feedback. These incredible ladies run circles around me and they have the experienced , and the staff, to make your book get those coveted 4 to 5 stars in your ratings when you publish. (Without those, you’ll be dead in the water.)

Why spend maybe a year of your life writing, rewriting, editing, choosing a cover design, hiring a proofreader and then publish and get the death-nell of just 2 to 3 stars from the first 5 people who read your book? You’ll be at a dead end as no one will buy another copy. Imagine that investment of time and resources, and not being able to reach your audience. (They’ll just go on to the next book in your genre and buy the one with 4 to 5 stars.) 

Take action now, fill out the form below, watch the video in the email that comes, and join our free challenge!

"My first introduction to Brian Tracy was in the 1980’s during my real estate career as Executive VP of an exclusive real estate company in Naples, FL. Brian Tracy’s Success tapes and books were a major part of our company library, Then 30 years later, it was time to write the book that had been tugging on my heart for years. I purchased Brian Tracy’s course: How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author. This led to a phone call with his consultant, David Nield, who directed me to Michelle Vandepas to get my book written and published. I knew Michelle was right for me on our first phone call. I found the help I needed. Through her company with her partner Karen Curry Parker, GracePoint Publishing has it all when it came to coaching, writing, publishing, speaking, and marketing. With their extraordinary guidance and expertise, my book was written and published. This process requires professional assistance and knowledge of the writing and publishing field. It takes a lot of courage, and often a willingness to feel vulnerable, to write a book. Together, Michelle and Karen have the innate understanding, and professional ability to guide us through fear, self-doubt, and writer’s block. They give the gift of seeing the truth of who we really are and accomplishing the dreams that are only ours to do. Just think, it all started with my connection to Brian Tracy in the 1980’s. Gratitude abounds."
- Candace Jean Newman, MAT LMT

If you want to take immediate action, click here and schedule a consultation call with a publishing advisor.  They’ll give your books ideas the utmost respect, confidence and consideration. Please include your email and your phone number so they can call you directly to let you know what programs might work for you. Submit today; why not now? You have everything to gain.

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