VIP Acceleration Mastermind with Michelle



I know you.

  I am you.

You and I, we are called to be and do more.

It’s our time. We have prepared for this time all our life and now it’s time for us to step up.

        • Maybe you have a mission, or a message and it feels just…. out .. of.. reach…… yet so close.
        • You can touch your purpose, but it feels elusive.
        • You have your message, you know what you stand for, but cutting through the noise has proven itself exhausting.  – or maybe you haven’t even bothered trying.
        • You’ve been told to ‘write a book, get on stage, start a podcast or…. (fill in the blank here) and know you could, and probably even ‘should’ but it’s not just happening for you.

In your deepest darkest soul you just want someone to see you, your potential, your mission, and help you reach it!

Welcome to our Accelerator Program.

Three months of personal one to one coaching, mentoring, cheerleading and practical truth telling to lead you to your potential.

It starts now.

And ends with an in person mastermind roundtable in Minneapolis April 4 and 5, 2023.


Are you in?

4 payments of $2750.00

(or 10K paid in full).

application only.