Publishing and Book Coaching Certification



Publishing and Book Coaching Certification Modules:

Section I:  Working with your clients: 

  1. The vision and purpose of the book
  2. Book outlines and writing prompts
  3. How to setup the best writing practice
  4. Expectations, timelines and goals
  5. Getting your clients unstuck
  6. First draft manuscripts and parts of the book (front matter, back matter etc)
  7. Choosing and working with editors
  8. Researching your market (covers keywords etc)
  9. Different Types of Publishing – Hybrid, Self, and Traditional
  10. Overview of: Paperback, ebook, audio book, hardback
  11. Choosing your publisher
  12. Book launches and marketing

Building your business as a Publishing Consultant

  • Finding Clients
  • Marketing
  • Sales process
  • Work with GracePoint Publishing

Support Modules

  • Implementation days
  • Practice sessions
  • Personal coaching
  • Coach community

Bonus for Feb 2023

  • Lifetime Membership with access to training vault and Q & A
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