Your Book is Calling: ebook, Paperback Audio package



This eight month program includes the following for a 30,000 word non fiction book.

  • Weekly coaching to get the book outlined.  (up to 6 weeks)
  • Developmental review with senior editor
  • Writing review each week with senior editor (author sends writing to be reviewed each week)
  • Three rounds of editing
  • Beta Readers
  • Final editing
  • Proofing
  • Complete publishing including:
    • Complete interior layout design and application
    • Front and back cover design
    • Front and Back matter in book
    • Analysis of market trends for cover and interior layout
    • Files prepared for upload to distributors or transfer to author for self
    • Publishing in ebook, paperback and audio formats
    • Worldwide distribution
  • Bestseller launch and ongoing marketing
  • 50/50 royalty split after publication.

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