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Full Podcast Package (with Platform Fine-Tuning Coaching)

Perfect for the author who already has a following and a platform established who has been sharing their message and already has an audience.  Upon completion of this program, you will have successfully launched your podcast! You’ll start with your coach to make sure your message aligns with your dreams, vision, and goals for your life. We will work with you to make sure your message is of the highest caliber to encourage ‘the next step’ with your listener (opt-ins, call to action, book you as a speaker, etc). Only then will we take you through the process to help you get out to a larger audience.


  • Eight full-length audio only podcast episodes (recording, mixing, mastering, editing)
  • Publishing to major podcast platforms
  • Audiograms for each episode
  • 60 minutes of brainstorming to develop your show with Mark, the Director of Number Three Productions
  • Personalized artwork for your podcast
  • Full email and social media blast from Number Three Productions and GracePoint Publishing
  • Collaboration and personalized support in a small publishing and coaching company

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GP Publishing has a rock star team to help you write, publish and promote your message.

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