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 We are so excited to begin your new podcast!*


Wondering what exactly is a microcast? 


Book a call with Mark at 


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Your podcast deserves to be heard! Experience the power of podcasting with Number Three Productions – the maestros of sound and vision. Unleash your creativity and captivate listeners worldwide. 


Let your voice resonate with their hearts and minds.

Here’s what you’l get with your microcast production package:


  • Show setup.
  • Co-collaboration on show creation.
  • Guidance on the topic of your podcast.
  • Guidance on the podcast title creation process.Eight micro podcast episodes of up to 10 minutes in length (supervised recording, volume leveling, high-quality editing, finalization to industry standards, uploading, and show note creation).
  • Theme song creation.
  • Publishing to major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts.
  • 60 minutes of brainstorming to develop your show with Mark, the Director of Number Three Productions.
  • Personalized artwork for your podcast.
  • Collaboration and personalized support in a small publishing and coaching company.

Start your podcasting journey today.

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