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We are so excited to begin work on your audiobook!*

Most production marketplaces discourage authors from narrating their own books, citing time constraints and exorbitant costs. But at Number Three Productions, we believe your voice should be heard, and we have streamlined the entire process to make it author-friendly without compromising quality. Our aim is to provide a seamless experience that allows you to narrate your own book while keeping our prices competitive with other high-end producers who don’t offer this unique opportunity.

Here’s what you’ll get with our Audiobook Production package:

  • Fully supervised recording: We’ll guide you through the recording process, ensuring you deliver a stellar performance.
  • Optimized recording space: We’ll help you create an ideal environment for recording your audiobook, ensuring professional sound quality.
  • Microphone guidance: Not sure which microphone to use? We’ll assist you in selecting the perfect one or provide a high-quality microphone on loan with a security deposit.
  • Editing to industry standards: Our expert team will edit your audio to meet the highest technical standards, resulting in pristine audio quality.
  • Audiobook cover adjustment: We’ll adapt your book cover to meet the specific requirements of audiobook covers, grabbing listeners’ attention.
  • Extensive distribution: Your audiobook will reach a wide audience through distribution on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.
  • Online visibility: Your audiobook will be featured on the Number Three Productions website, gaining exposure to our growing audience.
  • Newsletter inclusion: We’ll showcase your audiobook in the Number Three Productions section of our weekly GracePoint Publishing newsletter, boosting its visibility even further.
*Prices and recording availability subject to change. Price of $3333 is for an audiobook of up to 50,000 words, each additional 9000 words or fraction thereof is an additional $500.

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