Human Design Writer’s Retreat



In the two day writing retreat you will:

  • Brainstorm with Karen for your unique chapter (or book) topic
  • Understand exactly how to lead people from your writing into your website, funnel or to connect with you
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to share your work and stand out

You will leave with:

  • Your chapter (or book) outline
  • Writing prompts
  • Accountability timeline
  • Editing timeline
  • Plan for your webpage, and ongoing marketing

* includes 50 books

  • NOTE:  If you would like to upgrade to your complete signature book, and not just a chapter, your full payment will be applied to the next book, or you can start on your signature book now and create both at the same time. Book a time with Michelle to find out if this is for you! During this call Michelle can answer any questions and help you discern your next steps.