Under Water



When Iris and Benny bring their ruined property back to life during the covid pandemic, a gruesome discovery from the home’s past surfaces.

Unknown to Iris, her life story reflects that of Irish immigrant Aoife, who nursed her husband, a wounded Union soldier during the Civil War.

Aoife faces a bleak future, working the fields to save their farm with only the help of Thomas, a free black laborer.

As Aoife and Thomas toil side by side, ripples of the consequences spread to the present, when, over her husband’s objections, Iris befriends a mysterious young woman.

When the dust of history is washed away, Iris realizes she cannot hide from the past, neither her own nor that of the house. The women’s lives and times parallel each other’s, and those they love are put at risk as they redefine family.

About the author

Rachel Callaghan, a retired physician, writes for relief from the seemingly endless renovation of a pre-Revolutionary house. She is helped by her husband, their German shepherd (a tracker in search and rescue), and a small black imp of a cat.

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