You Are Worthy!: Manifesting What You Want in Life


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You Are Worthy! Manifesting What You Want in Life. takes the reader on an inspirational journey of self-discovery. This powerful motivational memoir details the challenges, triumphs and profound realizations that Marti DeLeon has experienced over her lifetime. Along with sharing her journey, Marti’s words are intended to guide the reader on a path towards self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and self-love, enabling them to manifest the life they truly deserve. Combining story-telling with a series of transformational meditations, this book is a testament to the healing power of unconditional love.

Marti DeLeon began her remarkable journey with the divine when she was just a little girl. Her mother, Mi-Ama, was the first to notice these spiritual gifts when Marti was 4 years old. Despite Mi-Ama’s guidance, Marti did not fully accept her spiritual gifts until nearly 30 years later. A spiritual guide Archangel Michael first established a connection with Marti. In the initial message she received, Archangel Michael stated that it was time for her to start helping others channel and share these messages. Marti shares this experience in vivid detail in her debut book, You Are Worthy! Of Manifesting What You Want in Life.