Vision, Diversity, and Culture: What Jigsaw Puzzles Can Teach Us About Leadership and Management



As a leader, are you motivated to:

  • Bring clarity to goals and expectations?
  • Develop team member strengths and encourage learning?
  • Celebrate successes both big and small?
  • Model a culture of innovation, trust, and interdependence?

Marjorie J. Loring is passionate about bringing leaders and their teams together. Sharing her unique perspective on leadership, she brings sixteen practical and to-the-point insights that help you “put the pieces together” and take you and your team to new levels of success. These concepts can be applied in ways that better align your organization with the future of work, enhance the employee experience, and safeguard a work culture where both your team members and your business can thrive.

“What sets this book apart is its refreshingly simple approach to leadership concepts. The writing provides delightfully digestible ideas and serves as a compelling reminder of our roles as leaders making it a must-read for anyone looking to elevate their leadership game.”

Sophia Galvin – Vice President, Talent and Culture, Broward College

“This book clearly defines and connects all the leadership pieces while making the roles and responsibilities very understandable. The author’s comprehensive dive into the varied aspects of leadership is easy to understand and implement because they are well aligned to real life in the workplace.”

Nancy Proffitt – Executive Leadership Coach, author of Focused Leadership

“Drawing inspiration from the simple yet profound act of assembling jigsaw puzzles, Marjorie Loring manages to distill complex leadership concepts into relatable lessons.”

Connie Phelan – Author of Inspired Courage

About the author

Marjorie is passionate about bringing out the best in people whether they are senior leaders, middle managers, or frontline staff. An optimist, realist, and creative visionary, Marjorie shares techniques which help clients discover and nurture the true potential of their teams with programs and activities that focus on the foundational principles of people management and organizational productivity. With over thirty years of experience in a mix of both corporate and academic settings, Marjorie develops and facilitates seminars, creates customized programs, and partners with internal talent development professionals as a professional learning program consultant. Learn more at kindlingleadership.com. “My purpose is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, perspectives, and experiences so that it can support mutual growth, strengthen connections, and build trust within and across communities.”

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