The Sacred Butterfly



The Sacred Butterfly is the empowering story of Nita, a single mother navigating the labyrinth of womanhood, healing, and the reclamation of her sexuality.

As Nita grapples with the aftermath of a challenging divorce, she discovers an unexpected wellspring of strength within her own body and desires. Through the prism of sensuality, she embarks on a transformative journey, healing wounds inflicted by a stifling marriage and societal expectations. Against the backdrop of a culture that often restricts female expression, Nita’s narrative unfolds as a triumphant reclaiming of self.

From the shackles of shame and judgment, Nita emerges as a symbol of resilience. Her courageous foray into adult modeling becomes an act of defiance against those who seek to confine her within narrow definitions of womanhood. Despite facing criticism from conservative circles, she stands resolute, forging a new narrative where sensuality and spirituality coexist harmoniously. Nita’s story extends an invitation for women to embrace their bodies, desires, and the innate power that comes with authoring their own narratives.

In a world that often seeks to dim the light of feminine expression, The Sacred Butterfly stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. This book encourages every woman to reclaim her sexuality, celebrate her essence, and embark on a journey of self-love and rediscovery.

About the author

Nita Marie is a women’s empowerment coach who focuses on helping women release their inner goddesses by tapping into their sexuality and pleasure center. She also loves helping women become financially independent which translates into business coaching in various modalities including adult online modeling. As an entrepreneur herself with her rags-to-riches story of going from $20 in her bank account to a multi-millionaire in three years, she now owns six successful businesses and a foundation to help raise money for nonprofits. She has been writing short stories for the past thirty-five years and had her first short story book published in 2023 with her daughter titled The Girl in the Woods which reached the Amazon bestseller list. She’s happy to release this book The Sacred Butterfly as her first self-help inspirational book for women. And she looks forward to continuing to write self-help books for women, inspiring them to love their authentic selves and to embrace the sacred feminine within. She lives on her ranch, which has become an animal sanctuary, with her husband, twins, and more animals to count. Your purchase of this book is helping to care for rescue dogs, cats, and horses safe and alive who would have otherwise been euthanized, as well as helping humans connect to God through animals and nature at Dog Heaven LLC.

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